Thermal Destruction

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  • Thermal-catalytic Ozone Destruct Units
    Showcase Product

    Thermal-catalytic Ozone Destruct Units

    By Primozone Production AB

    Even in a correctly designed ozone water treatment system there will be some residual ozone in the off-gas. With a thermal-catalytic ozone destruct unit any un-reacted vent ozone is efficiently and reliably removed in a ...

  • Glass Tempering Furnace System
    Showcase Product

    Glass Tempering Furnace System

    By AMETEK Land

    An integrated solution for high-accuracy temperature measurements in glass toughening plants - independent of surface coatings applied to the glass. Glass Tempering Furnace System meets the challenge of accurately ...

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  • Primozone Production AB

    Primozone Production AB

    Primozone is redefining ozone technology with its high performance cold plasma ozone generators. The Primozone GM-series ozone generators are built ...

  • AMETEK Land

    AMETEK Land

    AMETEK Land (Land Instruments International) - Supporting the global industrial community for over 60 years with innovative and reliable products and ...

  • Process Combustion Ltd

    Process Combustion Ltd

    Process Combustion a global player in combustion and heat transfer technologies. Engineering excellence, build quality, custom design and exceptional ...