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  • SA Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2003

    SA Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2003

    The Environment Protection (Water Quality) Policy 2003 (Water Quality Policy) is a policy that safeguards South Australian water resources from pollution. For a long period, the discrepancies surrounding the South Australian laws protecting the State’s water resources from pollution, have lowered the environmental value of all water resources in South Australia. This implies that all the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Beach Protection System (BPS)

    Beach Protection System (BPS)

    Every summer around the world, beaches are closed when high bacteria levels are detected or waste litters the shore. Gunderboom's BPS is an affordable, ecologically sound solution to the problem of beach contamination. The BPS is an aquatic filter barrier system that protects swimming beaches and other shoreline resources from high levels of bacteria and pollutants. Designed for swimming beaches ...