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    Analytical Archaeometry

    The book describes this interesting and challenging field of research - on the border between natural sciences (chemistry, spectroscopy, biology, ...

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    Numerical Ecology

    The book describes and discusses the numerical methods which are successfully being used for analysing ecological data, using a clear and ...

  • Our land, our legacy : our North American world heritage

    This magnificient publication vividly portrays the beauty and grandeur of World Heritages Sites in North America - where the ideas of national parks, ...

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    The Archaeologist´s Manual for Conservation

    'This manual is designed to take the mysticism out of archaeological artifact conservation and act as both reference and guide. It is intended as a ...

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    Human Ecology

    The human condition is composed of culturally mediated biology, and this inherently dual nature is key to our understanding of human/environment ...

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  • Bland & Associates, Inc. ( BAI )

    Archaeological and historic preservation issues have become critical permitting considerations. Archaeological sites, human remains, battlefields, ...

  • AlphaGalileo Ltd

    AlphaGalileo Ltd

    Alphagalileo is the independent online news centre for research in science, medicine, technology, the arts, humanities and social sciences.

  • I Dig Archaeology

    I Dig Archaeology

    I Dig Archaeology was founded in 2010 as a means to meet the growing needs of archaeologists and geologists around the country...and across the ...

  • Headland Archaeology (UK) Ltd

    Headland Archaeology (UK) Ltd

    Headland Archaeology, established in 1996, is a wholly commercial company and one of the largest archaeology firms in Europe supplying services to ...

  • The Student Conservation Association

    SCA is a nationwide force of high school and college-age volunteers who are committed to protecting and preserving the environment. We are ...