Biological Surveys

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  • Towed Fins
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    Towed Fins

    By Hydroacoustic Technology Inc. (HTI)

    Model 620-series Towed Fins provide a cost effective, stable towing platform for hydroacoustic transducers and other aquatic instruments for surveys in small lakes and the open ocean from vessels of various sizes. Three ...

  • Airborne instrument
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    Airborne instrument

    By Geophex, Ltd.

    The GEM-2A is our standard airborne instrument. It is a programmable, broadband EM sensor for Geologic investigation, ground water surveys, and mineral exploration. The system utilizes a single set of ...

  • Custom ERT Cables
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    Custom ERT Cables

    By Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC. (MPT)

    Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC fabricates custom built ERT cables with either stainless steel wire-wound electrodes (suitable for downhole surveys) or solid metal electrode takeouts with molded covers (recommended for ...

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  • The Pantanal of Poconé

    The Pantanal of Poconé provides an in-depth analysis of the ecological relationships in the northern part of the world's largest wetland in a ...

  • Late Quaternary Environmental Change in North-west Europe

    Holywell Coombe, an embayment in the chalk scarp overlooking Folkestone, Kent, was designated a geological Site of Special Scientific Interest in ...

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    Practical Hydroinformatics

    Hydroinformatics is an emerging subject that is expected to gather speed, momentum and critical mass throughout the forthcoming decades of the 21st ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • 3D Marine

    3D Marine is a premier full service consulting group experienced in all aspects of marine transportation. The principal interests and expertise of ...

  • Omnia Geosciences

    Engineering consultant in geophysics, hydrography and drone imaging surveys. We provide full consulting services for civil engineering work in the ...

  • SWAS Water Surveys

    Groundwater resource studies; groundwater pollution assessments; installation of monitoring wells for bulk fuel depots; borehole site surveys; ...

  • IMO & Marine Surveys Pte Ltd

    IMO & Marine Surveys Pte Ltd (IMOMS) provides specialised Asbestos and Inventory of Hazardous Materials surveys. IMOMS also provides dedicated ...

  • Yellowfield Biological Surveys

    Yellowfield Biological Surveys is an environmental consulting firm specializing in Botanical Surveys, Natural Areas Inventories, Wetland ...