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marine survey (Biological Surveys) equipment

  • Geostuff - Land Streamer System

    A land streamer is an array of geophones designed to be towed along the ground. The name originates from marine streamers: arrays of hydrophones towed behind boats for marine seismic surveys. Land geophysicists have long envied the high productivity achieved in marine surveys. Now it appears that highly-productive reflection, refraction, and ...

    By Geostuff based in Lincoln, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SuperSting - Marine Resistivity Module

    The SuperSting Marine Resistivity is an add-on module to the SuperSting Wi-Fi, our multi-channel electrical imaging system. It allows for the collection of streaming marine (towed cable) data. Items in this module allow hydrographic surveys with continuously recording electrical resistivity imaging data which contain positional data from a GPS ...

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • AGCOS - Model SMMT - 2-Channel Shallow Marine EM Receiver

    SMMT receivers are designed for carrying out shallow marine EM surveys in transition zones at depths of up to 50m. They are based on high-precision and highly-sensitive land geophysical equipment for electroprospecting surveys and are built in such a way, that equipment can easily be used for land surveys or for simultaneous marine and land EM ...

  • Geometics - Model G-882 - Marine Magnetometer

    Very high resolution Caesium Vapour performance has been incorporated onto a low cost, small size, system for professional surveys in shallow water. High sensitivity at fast sample rates of total field measurements are maintained for all applications.

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Land Geophysical Equipment - Magnetic Product line

  • AGCOS - Model 2AUSS-07 - 2-Channel Shallow Marine EM Data Acquisition System

    2AUSS-07A systems are manufactured by Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. and are designed for carrying out shallow marine EM surveys at depths of up to 100 meters. These systems are based on the use of high-precision and highly-sensitivity geophysical equipment for the EM surveys manufactured by Phoenix Geophysics Ltd. They are ...

  • AGCOS - Model 5AUSS-07A - 5-Channel Shallow Marine EM Data Acquisition System

    5AUSS-07A systems are manufactured by Advanced Geophysical Operations and Services Inc. and are designed for carrying out marine EM surveys at the depths of up to 100 meters. These systems are based on the use of high-precision and high-sensitivity geophysical equipment for EM surveys manufactured by Phoenix Geophysics Ltd. The systems are built ...

  • Oceanalpha - Model M75A - High Speed Security Unmanned Patrol Boat

    M75A High speed security Unmanned Patrol Boat is lately developed by Oceanalpha CO., Ltd. Offering innovative solutions to security and protection, patrol, investigation and evidence collection , which is a new intelligent platform for hydrographic survey, marine ecological environment protection, fishery supervision and accident rescue, also ...

    By OceanAlpha Group Ltd. based in Wan Chai, CHINA. from Marine Product line

  • GeoView - Global Positioning Systems

    Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have greatly improved the speed and accuracy of many types of geophysical surveys. The GPS data can either be integrated into the geophysical equipment or used to record the positions of the geophysical transects, obstructions and targets of interest. For land surveys, GeoView uses both Novatel and Trimble mapping ...

    By GeoView, Inc. based in St. Petersburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Land Based Methods Product line

  • Geomative - Model GD-10 - Advanced Distributed Centralized System

    GD-10 is developed based on the latest digital and analog circuitry technique, making it the world leading multi-functional direct current (DC) method instrument. This equipment can be adopted in self-potential (SP), apparent resistivity and induced polarization (IP) surveys. Not only GD-10 supports regular ERT survey configurations, subsurface ...

    By ST Geomative Co., Ltd. based in Nanshan, CHINA. from Geomative Electric Products Product line

  • Geode - Solid Streamer

    The Geode is the most versatile and flexible seismograph available today.  Small and lightweight enough to throw in your suitcase. Expands instantly for full scale 2-D and 3-D surveys at a cost your accountant will love. And when you are not using the Geode for marine or land reflection, refraction, downhole or tomography surveys, use it for ...

    By Geometrics, Inc. based in San Jose, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Seismographs Product line

  • ARES - Model II - 10-Channel Automatic Resistivity System

    Groundwater exploration, geotechnical investigation, monitoring of dams and dikes, environmental studies, geological survey, mineral prospecting, archaeology, detecting of cavities and buried objects, underwater, marine, borehole and cross-hole measurements. ARES II represents a well equipped resistivity and IP imaging system. Its advantages can ...

    By GF Instruments, s.r.o. based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Resistivity & IP Product line

  • Custom ERT Cables

    Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC fabricates custom built ERT cables with either stainless steel wire-wound electrodes (suitable for downhole surveys) or solid metal electrode takeouts with molded covers (recommended for routine surface or marine surveys where the cables are repeatedly dragged). Our cables can be constructed with various types of ...

    By Multi-Phase Technologies, LLC. (MPT) based in Sparks, NEVADA (USA).

  • Model 1000 - ROV System

    ROV 1000 is a Work Class ROV that can perform different tasks related to marine applications such as inspection, maintenance, repair and survey with its high power 7 thruster system, 2 x 7 function manipulators and its strong and robust structure.

    By Hoytek based in Çankaya, TURKEY. from Høytek Rovs Product line

  • Winch Design

    Modern oceanographic research is complex, and the costs of operating marine survey and research vessels are escalating rapidly. Therefore, research instrumentation and ancillary equipment must be carefully selected to be applicable to as wide a variety of tasks as possible and to accomplish these tasks quickly with high reliability.

    By InterOcean Systems LLC based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Winches Product line

  • HydroBox - Model HD - HydroBox Hydrographic Echo Sounder

    The HydroBox HD is a portable high-resolution, shallow water echo sounder. It is designed exclusively for inshore and coastal hydrographic marine surveys up to 1000 meters of water depth. Available in single frequency or simultaneous dual frequency models

    By Beijing Hydrosurvey Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Bathymetry Product line

  • Marine-Borehole Passive Electrode Cable

    AGI’s marine and borehole passive electrode cables are waterproof, multi-conductor cables used for resistivity, induced polarization (IP) and self-potential measurements. They require the use of the Multi-Electrode SwitchBox or Multi-Electrode Switchbox Grid when more than 4, 7, 9 or 11 electrodes are used depending on ...

    By Advanced Geosciences, Inc. based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • Geomatrix Earth Science - Towfish Test Box

    Designed so you can test the functionality of all major components of a G-882 magnetometer either in standalone mode, or when being used in a transverse gradient array. Can be used for trouble shooting either at the workshop, or critically on board a boat, where the proximity of large amounts of steel make system troubleshooting otherwise ...

    By Geomatrix Earth Science Ltd based in Leighton Buzzard, UNITED KINGDOM. from Land Geophysical Equipment - Magnetic Product line

  • Model AZC-8 - Proton Magnetometer

    Application: Widely used in mineral exploration(such as iron ore, lead and zinc, copper etc.). With mining exploration, research the ore body¡¯s buried depth, occurrence and continuity, and study the shape and size of the ore body, estimate the deposit, oil and natural gas exploration, research the geological structure and tectonics of ...

    By Shanghai Aidu Energy Technology Co., Ltd. based in Minhang District, CHINA. from Geophysical Instrument Product line

  • Starfish - Model 450F - Single Frequency Sidescan Sonar System

    The original StarFish 450F sonar offers a powerful, yet affordable, entry-level side scan sonar system for shallow water survey work.  Since its launch, the StarFish 450F has gained worldwide recognition as the most portable, affordable, towed side scan sonar on the market.  Powered by a 450kHz CHIRP transmission, the 450F provides wide ...

    By Shark Marine Technologies Inc. based in St. Catharines, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sonar Systems - Sidescan Sonar Product line

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