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Biological Surveys services for Environmental Management

  • Acoustic Survey Services

    WavX offers various services for fixed and mobile acoustic inventories, whether in aquatic or terrestrial environments. We specialized in acoustic surveys of anurans, birds, flying mammals, and marine mammals.

    By WavX based in QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Habitat Surveys Services

    Ridgeway Ecology can undertake a variety of ecological surveys in order to obtain and provide ecological information. These surveys can be carried out independently or combined.

    By Ridgeway Ecology based in Warwick, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Data Management Services

    Data management is key to the successful completion of survey or monitoring programmes. MEP’s in-house staff has the technical expertise to conduct in-depth multivariate statistical analyses of fisheries and ecological data as well as spatial analyses using GIS. Project deliverables can include technical and non-technical reports and ...

    By MacAlister Elliott & Partners Ltd based in Lymington, UNITED KINGDOM. from Data Management Services Service line

  • Towed Probe Survey Mode

    If the water in the geomembrane lined pond, impoundment, or tank is too deep or the water in the pond is unsuitable for personnel to wade, then the towed probe survey mode is used.  While standing on the top of the side slopes, survey personnel systematically pull the probe back and forth across the bottom of the pond along temporary survey ...

    By Leak Location Services Inc. (LLSI) based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA). from Towed Probe Survey Mode Service line

  • Topographic Surveying Of Beaches And Flood Plains

    Over the years we have carried out many beach surveys in connection with studies relating to the movement of beach material caused by natural coastal processes.

    By Wallingford Environmental Surveys Ltd. based in Wallingford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Topographic Surveying Of Beaches And Flood Plains Service line

  • Ecological Surveying & Enhancement Services

    EnviroCentre has a long established and well-respected Ecology group. Our team is comprised of numerous internal specialists supported by an extensive network of approved sub-consultants. Our team regularly participate as members of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (IEEM) and follow its Code of Professional Conduct.

    By EnviroCentre Ltd based in Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ecological Surveys

    HEL has a vast experience in undertaking ecological studies and surveys in a wide range of habitats and across many countries and can advise on the ecological implications of developments and carry out any management required.

    By Huckbody Environmental based in Tredegar, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Subtidal Monitoring

    Our tailored diving surveys can search for a specific species or habitat of interest (for instance, a UK marine BAP habitat or species) or undertake an MNCR Phase 2 style biotope exercise. Depending on your needs, we can even work with our associates to produce exhaustive species lists of what lives in your area of interest, be it for conservation ...

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Subtidal Monitoring Service line

  • In-Situ identification

    As part of a development, EIA or planning application you may be required to undertake a biotope or habitat classification of what lives on the seabed, or simply look for a habitat or species of conservation concern (for example UK Marine BAP habitats and species) at your site. Marine EcoSol can provide highly skilled marine biologists, with years ...

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from In-Situ identification Service line

  • Biological Surveys

    Biological surveys are conducted to ensure that activity in a given area does not adversely impact native flora and fauna. Surveys for the presence of sensitive and endangered species are often required prior to beginning work on federally managed lands. Inter-agency coordination is critical for biological surveys, as much of the land in Nevada is ...

    By BEC Environmental, Inc. (BEC) based in Las Vegas, NEVADA (USA).

  • Terrestrial Fauna Monitoring

    As part of the EIA, vegetative cover and terrestrial fauna are assessed. Terrestrial fauna include all species of animals with the exception of fish, which are referred to as aquatic fauna. Surveys of terrestrial flora and fauna are conducted to assess the extent of potential impacts of a development on the environment and monitor effects of ...

    By Apercu Consultants, Inc. based in Quezon City, PHILIPPINES.

  • Specialist Vegetation Surveys

    In some situations a Phase 1 Habitat Survey may not be appropriate and instead a more detailed botanical survey may be required. Accurate descriptions of the vegetation and flora of a site are fundamental to the evaluation of its significance in relation to planning applications or site management. Our expert team will ensure that botanical survey ...

    By Acer Ecology based in Cardiff Bay, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ecological Surveys and Reports for BREEAM Assessment

    Whatever level of BREEAM you need, whether Good, Very Good or Outstanding, if you need to gain credits cost-effectively and quickly - you can have that and more with a specialist BREEAM Ecological Survey and Report from Adonis Ecology.

    By Adonis Ecology Ltd. based in Lavenham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ecological Surveys and Reports for BREEAM Assessment Service line

  • Surveying Services

    Our surveys are accurately performed with the latest in technology. Creative plat designs that enhance the natural features of a property are our trademark. Our experience with regulatory issues guides a plat smoothly through the approvals process. The Martenson & Eisele surveying staff provide it all.

    By Martenson & Eisele Inc. based in Menasha , WISCONSIN (USA).

  • Monitoring in-shore Fish Stocks

    Marine EcoSol is experienced in conducting targeted angling surveys utilising angler questionnaires, surveyor recordings and analysis of match card data from local anglers. Examples of such surveys include summer, winter and season comparison reports on recreational sea angling in North Wales, to demonstrate variations in anglers behaviour, ...

    By Marine Ecological Solutions based in Isle of Anglesey, UNITED KINGDOM. from Monitoring in-shore Fish Stocks Service line

  • WAC Eline Services

    Water Injection Surveys. Pressure Temperature Spinner (PTS) Surveys. Well Head Data Recorders. Temperature & Pressure Surveys. Fluid Entry Surveys. DOGGR Required Surveys. Caliper Surveys. Production Logging. Audio Detection Surveys. Steam Injection Surveys. Case Hole Analysis. Gas Injection Surveys. Gradient Surveys.

    By Well Analysis Corp. based in Bakersfield, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Earth and Marine Surveys Services

    EAME is able to offer a range of earth and marine survey related services.

    By Earth and Marine Environmental Consultants (EAME) based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Ecological Surveys Services

    Aquatonics carry out ecological surveys of streams, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, estuaries, coastal waters and terrestrial habitats. We work throughout the UK and overseas for various sectors (oil and gas, offshore wind, water and sewage, construction, leisure, housing and transport).

    By Aquatonics Ltd based in Crediton, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Beach Topographical Surveys Services

    Titan regularly use beach topographical surveys in a number of cross-over areas with nearshore geophysical surveys:

    By Titan Environmental Surveys Ltd based in Bridgend, UNITED KINGDOM. from Beach Topographical Surveys Services Service line

  • Marine Surveying Services

    Acquisition of both bathymetric and side scan data can be achieved through the use of IHO standard compliant interferometric swath bathymetry systems capable of producing both Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and side scan imagery of the seafloor. Integration of both data outputs is possible, giving the 3D model realistic surfaces added by the side ...

    By ABT Innovia based in Targa Gap, MALTA. from Marine Surveying Services Service line

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