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  • Pest Bird Sonic Audio and Ultrasonic Audio
    Showcase Product

    Pest Bird Sonic Audio and Ultrasonic Audio

    By Bird-X Inc.

    Deter Birds With Multi-Faceted Sonic and Ultrasonic Attack! The BroadBand PRO’s 4-speaker system simultaneously emits sounds that are both audible and inaudible to humans that confuse, disorient, and ...

  • Ultrasonic Bird Repeller
    Showcase Product

    Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

    By Bird-X Inc.

    Birds will not linger while exposed to this sound! The sounds are designed to confuse, disorient & intimidate pest birds to quickly scare them away from the effective area.

  • Bird Proof Gel
    Showcase Product

    Bird Proof Gel

    By Bird-X Inc.

    If birds see Bird Proof Gel, they are not likely to land upon it. If they do land, they will find the sticky surface to be uncomfortable and won’t stay for long. They learn over time and do not return to the ...

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  • Marine and Leisure Testimonials

    The RSPB, South East - Patrol Two. "The Patrol 2 unit is perfect for our survey work; it is ...

  • Agriculture Testimonals

    Fenland Farming - Scarecrow 180"The Scarecrow system has been effective in protecting our crops ...

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    London Luton Airport - BIRD Tab.“London Luton Airport has very ambitious wildlife strike ...

  • Luton Airport Case Study.

    "The Airport has seen an 80% reduction in airfield bird sightings in the last year - Liam Bolger, ...

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    The University of Edinburgh - B.I.R.D SystemAfter experiencing bird related delays we decided to ...

Training & Education


  • Control of Bird Migration

    This volume fills a real gap. Before now there existed no compilation to summarize the enormous wealth of data and hypotheses elaborated in the ...

  • /files/6063/images/covers/9783540223856.jpg

    Avian Navigation: Pigeon Homing as a Paradigm

    How migratory birds can navigate home from their wintering grounds to their breeding sites over hundreds and thousands of kilometres has been an ...

  • /files/6063/images/covers/9780387730288.jpg

    Fish Bioacoustics

    The study of how fish make and respond to sound has important implications for communication, physiology, behavior, and commercial techniques. Fish ...

  • /files/6063/images/covers/9780387783642.jpg

    Principles of Marine Bioacoustics

    This book is about studying the acoustics of marine animals using underwater acoustic techniques. Marine bioacoustics is a very broad ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Gepaval S.L.

    Gepaval S.L.

    Gepaval, SL, a leading company in the international bird scarer and crop protection sector, has been producing and developing its famous “GUARDIAN” ...

  • Total Bird Control Birmingham

    In Birmingham, Total Bird Control provides bird control solutions for domestic and commercial market. It includes efficient ways to make the strong ...

  • Enviro-Shred Inc.

    Enviroshred is the Newfoundland distributor of landfill cover products and Odor and Bird Control products. Enviroshred is committed to providing ...

  • AgriProTech


    AgriProTech company, located in Brittany (France), develops and commercializes pest control products. Innovation and technology are used to protect ...

  • Birdbusters


    BirdBusters was established in 1985. President Jack Wagner had dealt with problem birds firsthand for many years as the owner of one of the largest ...