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Boiler Tube equipment for Environmental Management

  • Premium

    Lenntech - Cartridge Water Filters

    Cartridge filtration units generally operate most effectively and economically on applications having contamination levels of less than 100 ppm. For heavier contamination applications, cartridges are normally used as final polishing filters.

    By Lenntech Water Treatment based in Delfgauw, NETHERLANDS. from Cartridge Water Filters Product line

  • Pressure Pipe

    The uses for seamless steel pipe and boiler tubing are limitless, and MST is ready to meet every demanding operational requirement and precise specification. Our cold-drawn seamless pipe and boiler tubing is available in many grades, alloys and specifications and MST can provide the high-quality product that meets your needs exactly, even custom ...

    By Michigan Seamless Tube, LLC (MST) based in South Lyon, MICHIGAN (USA). from Pressure Pipe Product line

  • Multi Lead Rifle (MLR)

    Multi-Lead-Rifled-Tubing-2Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility provides the widest range of tooling available in the United States so we can manufacture cold-drawn seamless Multi-Lead Rifled (MLR) tubing to accommodate any application. This ribbed tubing can be precisely manufactured using your engineering drawings with rib count and ...

    By Michigan Seamless Tube, LLC (MST) based in South Lyon, MICHIGAN (USA). from Multi Lead Rifle (MLR) Product line

  • Model A106 - Pressure Seamless Pipe with Blue Diamond

    MST sets the standard for high quality seamless pipe products and exceptionally quick turnaround. Now, when you need superior protection, A106 pressure pipe is available with the exclusive Blue Diamond® coating. Only at MST can you get this world-renowned UV coating that meets ASTM/ASME A/SA 106 requirements and offers superior surface ...

    By Michigan Seamless Tube, LLC (MST) based in South Lyon, MICHIGAN (USA). from Pressure Seamless Pipe with Blue Diamond Product line

  • Model EEB-W - Exhaustgas Shell & Tube Boilers

    Capacities up to 40 kg/sec. hot flue gases. Design pressure: Up to 32 bar-g. Plain tube exhaust gas boiler, consisting of a high-temperature section and optionally an additional low-temperature section. Option: Built into a single unit.

    By Danstoker A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from Exhaustgas Shell & Tube Boilers Product line

  • Straight Boiler Tubing

    It is our intent to have on hand all straight boiler tubing sizes,wall thickness and material grades that are common to each of the industries that we serve. We work very closely with numerous tube mills and master distributors for those items that we do not have  and will make every effort to assist you with your straight boiler

    By FSE Energy, Inc. based in Covington, LOUISIANA (USA). from Straight Boiler Tubing Product line

  • Calmet - Boiler Tubing

    Welded, electric resistant, hot rolled boiler tubing products are used for a variety of different applications throughout the world. CALMET supplies the finest quality product that technology has made feasible.

    By Calmet based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA).

  • Model BRB 2, BRB 4 - Boiler Pipe Preparation Machines

    Lightweight and robust boiler pipe preparation machines. Prepare I/V/Y and U seam weld joint geometries in pipe ends made from high-alloy steel, low-alloy and carbon steel with the unique QTC® tool system. Pipe end and tube sheet joint preparations in boiler, tank and apparatus construction.

    By Orbitalum Tools GmbH based in Singen, GERMANY.

  • Model Style 1050 - Boiler Tube Thermocouples

    Accurate Measurements of Boiler Tube Surface Temperatures. Designed to perform in the Boiler Environment. Fast speed of response: Measuring junction underneath pad. Uniform Sheath Diameter over entire length. Rugged MgO insulated sheath. Fully annealed for ease of bending. Factory Pre-Formed pads. High Temperature moisture seal. Flexible Leads ...

    By Thermocouple Technology, LLC (TTEC) based in Quakertown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Boiler Tube Thermocouples Product line

  • Model FMB-VS - Fired Marine Boiler

    The FMB-VS is a vertical fired boiler. The heat transfer is performed through the plate furnace and a number of rifled plain smoke tubes. The convection part can be equipped with pin tubes on request. The special spherical shape of the furnace top plate gives an increased stability against ship vibrations and protects this part of the boiler ...

    By SAACKE GmbH based in Bremen, GERMANY. from Fired Marine Boiler Product line

  • Model PFH - Bio Shell and Tube Boilers

    3-pass boiler with closed combustion chamber . Fuels: Dry fine-chopped bio-fuels

    By Danstoker A/S based in Herning, DENMARK. from Bio Shell and Tube Boilers Product line

  • Noble - Fire Tube Combi Boiler

    Noble Fire Tube Combi Boiler provides rapid, reliable hot water and efficient space heating.

    By Lochinvar, LLC based in Lebanon, TENNESSEE (USA). from Fire Tube Combi Boiler Product line

  • Model APCS - Boiler Cleaning Technology

    The automatic in line cleaning of fire tube boilers and other heat exchangers means that manual cleaning of boilers is history now. Furthermore there will be no more downtime for cleaning purposes while at the same time the boiler has a continuously high efficiency. The payback time of the APCS amounts between 1 to 2 years, depending on the ...

    By Optimum Environmental Technologies BV based in Arnhem, NETHERLANDS.

  • Black Steel Pipes

    Black steel: Black iron is the uncoated steel and is also called as black steel. When steel pipe is forged, a black oxide scale forms on its surface to give it the finish which is seen on this type of pipe. Because steel is subject to rust and corrosion, the factory also coats it with protective oil. Those black steel are used for manufacturing ...

    By Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. based in Changsha City, CHINA. from Black Steel Pipes Product line

  • Model 1055 - Temporary Boiler Tube Thermocouples

    Ideal Design for “Start-Up' testing, general monitoring & other temporary measurements on Power Plant Boiler Tubes & Drum Surfaces. Simple installation: flattened tube is welded directly onto surface. Thermocouple Wire is easily routed throughout the Boiler Area. Excess wire can be coiled up or cut at the Junction Box. Standard ...

    By Thermocouple Technology, LLC (TTEC) based in Quakertown, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Temporary Boiler Tube Thermocouples Product line

  • Anticor - Biological Neutral Anti Corrosion and Cleaning Product

    Biological neutral anti corrosion and cleaning product used in district heating plants and systems as well as in boilers and tubes within the industry.

    By Biocorrection A/S based in Kastrup, DENMARK.

  • Maxxi - Air Stoves

    Steel and ceramic glass door resistant up to 800°. Steel top in the following colours: Etna Black. Steel front panel in the following colours: Etna Black

    By Pasqualicchio srl based in Paolisi (Benevento), ITALY. from Air Stoves Product line

  • Optimum - Automatic Pipe Cleaning System (APCS)

    Often waste heat recovery cannot be realized as a consequence of fouling or heavy dust loads in flue gases. Waste heat then remains what it is: waste heat, to be discharged through the chimney. OPTIMUM developed a system for the in line cleaning of tubes in heat exchangers, combined with a specially designed heat exchanger or boiler. With this ...

    By Optimum Environmental Technologies BV based in Arnhem, NETHERLANDS.

  • ZG Boiler - Model D - D type Water Tube Boiler

    D-Type Water Tube Boilers offered by ZG Boiler are to meet your refinery, industrial, or other steam generating application needs.The D type water tube boilers are one of the most popular boiler configurations for water tube boilers.

    By Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. (ZBG) based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Aerovit - Soot Blower

    The Aerovit soot blower is a system for keeping boilers clean with PLC/Timer controlled shock waves. The system operates on pure compressed air ensuring a continuous cleaning of biomass boilers, economizers, heat exchangers, marine boilers, catalyst elements etc. In a fraction of a second 450 liters of air under high pressure is blown through the ...

    By Aerovit A/S based in Gedved, DENMARK.

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