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carbon sequestration (Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture) equipment

  • Carbon Sequestration and Credits

    Carbon sequestration is the long term storage of carbon in oceans, soils, vegetation (especially forests), and geologic formations. Although oceans store most of the Earth’s carbon, soils contain approximately 75% of the carbon pool on land — three times more than the amount stored in living plants and animals. Therefore, soils play a ...

    By Karr Group of Companies based in WASHINGTON (USA).

  • Carbon Sequestration & GHG Credits

    E3's technologies maximize carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas credits by minimizing carbon and nitrogen greenhouse gas emissions while producing renewable energy.

    By Environmental Energy & Engineering Company based in Olympia, WASHINGTON (USA). from Products Product line

  • Carbon Capture & Sequestration Technology (CCS)

    With 70% of global energy demand currently met through the burning of carbon-based fuels, and demand predicted to double by 20351, the world faces a growing challenge: How to reduce carbon dioxide emissions which cause climate change while not damaging a global economy dependent on fossil fuels.  A central issue to this carbon emissions ...

    By CO2 Solutions inc. based in Qu├ębec, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • High Pressure Seal Testing System

    As well as general sealing engineering, BHR Group specialises in the design, testing and analysis of elastomer seals for rapid gas decompression, reciprocating seals, valve testing and reciprocating cylinders.  We are also unique in having the test rig facilities to undertake hazardous fluid and very high pressure seal testing. We are at ...

    By BHR Group Limited based in Cranfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • FutureGen - Power Plant

    One of the things that makes the FutureGen power plant unique is its ability to capture the CO2 created during the electricity generation process, compress it and pump it into deep geologic formations thousands of feet below the earth’s surface where it is permanently stored. This technology is known as carbon storage (sometimes also called ...

    By FutureGen Alliance, Inc. based in Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (USA).

  • Quadgeneration Systems

    Quadgeneration systems are some of the most advanced gas engine driven power plants in the world. Quadgeneration encompasses the features of a trigeneration system, with combined electricity, heat and cooling but in addition includes the recovery of carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas. This carbon dioxide is scrubbed and can be used in industrial ...

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Power Product line

  • Model iSorb-HP - High Pressure Gas Adsorption

    High pressure adsorption measurements are important in the fields of carbon dioxide sequestration, methane storage, hydrogen storage, and gas separation. The iSorb-HP instruments (volumetric sorption or Sieverts apparatus) generate automatic measurements of full adsorption and desorption isotherms over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. ...

    By Quantachrome Instruments based in Boynton Beach, FLORIDA (USA). from High Pressure Gas Adsorption Product line

  • Integrated Monitoring Systems

    Thanks to anextensive accumulated experience in the field, West Systems designs fulli ntegrated systems for geochemical monitoring. Such stations are designed to meet specific requirements and are able to monitor environmental parameters related to air quality, chemical and physical parameters of groundwater, soil gas compositions. In ...

    By West Systems S.r.l. based in Firenze, ITALY. from Instrumentation Product line

  • ITEA - Auxiliary Plants

    Oxygen: the Isotherm process foresees the use of technical oxygen and it’s not necessarily high purity cryogenic oxygen; the oxygen can come from various sources, depending on plant size and location:

    By ITEA S.p.A. based in Gallarate, ITALY.

  • Carbon Dioxide Scrubbers

    When methane is used as a fuel in a gas engine it is burnt and converted to carbon dioxide and other trace elements. This carbon dioxide is released as a hot gas in the CHP plant exhaust.

    By Clarke Energy based in Liverpool, UNITED KINGDOM. from Ancillary Equipment for Jenbacher Gas Engines - Exhaust Cleaning Product line

  • Genesol - Model 40 - Alkaline Cleaner

    Genesol 40 has been developed as a general-purpose membrane cleaner effective against organic based foulants typically found in Reverse Osmosis and Nano-filtration membrane systems. Genesol 40 has been approved for use in drinking water applications.

    By Genesys International Limited based in Middlewich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Membrane Cleaners Product line

  • Genesol - Model 703 - Membrane Cleaner (Alkaline Powder)

    Genesol 703 has been developed as a general-purpose membrane cleaner for an extensive range of organic based foulants found in Reverse Osmosis and Nano-filtration membrane systems. Genesol 703 is particularly effective against aluminium silicate, which can be difficult to remove with conventional cleaners.

    By Genesys International Limited based in Middlewich, UNITED KINGDOM. from Genesol 700 Series Membrane Cleaners Product line

  • Fiber Optic Technologies

    Paulsson, Inc. offers state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Technologies for multiple purposes. Paulsson, Inc. is the developer of the Fiber Optic Seismic Vector Sensor (FOSS) system. The Paulsson, Inc. FOSS system outperforms any comparable sensor to date. Test data available upon request.

    By Paulsson, Inc. (PI) based in Van Nuys, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Diverting Organics

    Sustainable Management of Food: The U.S. EPA ranks source reduction at the top of its Food Recovery Hierarchy. This involves generating less surplus food – including changes in wasteful consumer behavior – and ensuring that all edible food is diverted through programs like community food banks to those in need. Organics is a valuable ...

    By Organix Solutions based in Bloomington, MINNESOTA (USA). from Organics Recycling Product line

  • QuikSoil - Model 2300 - Amino Acids

    QuikSoil® 2300 is a combination of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, intermediate metabolism products, complex glycosides, other organic acids, and selected minerals. 2300 is utilized instead of 2600 in situations where high nitrogen levels (above 2.2%) occur in the feedstock. Typically, sewage bio-solids, poultry manure, and certain types ...

    By Global Odor Control Technologies (GOC) based in Bloomington,, INDIANA (USA). from Addition Product line

  • Wastewater Brine Management Deep well injection Technology

    Deep well injection provides significant environmental advantages over alternative brine management options, including: Eliminating impact on surface water and shallow groundwater. Reducing or eliminating costly long-distance pipelines and ocean outfalls. Reducing surface imprint and land use impairment. Providing a sustainable local management ...

    By GeoEnvironment Technologies based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • QuikSoil - Model 2600 - Amino Acids

    2600 is a combination of amino acids, proteins, nucleic acids, intermediate metabolism products, complex glycosides, and selected minerals. This combination provides everything necessary for the metabolization of organic compounds. By increasing the reductive potential of the mass while maintaining good structure, 2600 promotes increased ...

    By Global Odor Control Technologies (GOC) based in Bloomington,, INDIANA (USA). from Addition Product line

  • Machinesol - Coal Gasifier

    Jiaxing JingShe/Machinesol is pioneer in introducing Gasifier Technology in Pakistan which is another source of gas. No need of LPG and Natural Gas. New way of burning! We at Jiaxing JingShe/Machinesol are happy to introduce our product, “Coal Gasifier”. This product has been sucessfully installed and wokring in various Steel ...

    By Machinesol Co. Ltd based in Jiaxing, CHINA.

  • Biosolids Management Technology

    GeoEnvironment Technologies has developed, patented, and successfully demonstrated an innovative new technology to manage municipal sludge with significant environmental benefits. We call this technique Deep Earth Digestion / Sequestration. Through appropriate geological formation selection, well design, and advanced geophysical monitoring, the ...

    By GeoEnvironment Technologies based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • S.K Euromarket - Anaerobic Digestion Systems In Bolted Tanks

    Mesophylic digesters for treatment of solidwaste and feedstock manure, slaughterhouse residues. The produced biogas is burnt by the integrated CHP unit providing either heat or electric power according to the particular needs. Digestate is the other byproduct of the process which makes an excellent soil improver.

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