Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Capture equipment for Environmental Management in Asia & Middle East

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    Dutch Incinerators - Additives

    The choice of which additive to use, depends on the type of waste and contaminants to be removed. Operating costs could be considered as well.

    By Dutch Incinerators BV Office in Bangkok, THAILAND. from Flue Gas Scrubbers Product line

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    Model GC-C40 - Coal-Based Activated Carbon Pelletized 4mm

    GC-C40 is a Bituminous Coal-based pelletized activated carbon. It is a standard activated carbon that works by capturing hydrogen sulfide and other volatile organic compound's molecules within the graphitic platelet structure of the carbon granules. Activated carbon has a specific capacity for each of these compounds; once this capacity is ...

    By Simple Solutions Distributing LLC Distributor in Kaohsiung, TAIWAN. from Activated Carbon for Odor Control Product line

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    Carbolite - Model MTT 12/38/850 - Carbon14-Tritium Furnaces

    This apparatus uses catalyst assisted combustion techniques to give a clean and precise approach to extracting carbon-14 & organically bound tritium or ‘fixed tritium’, eg tritium contained in concretes, steels and graphites, as well as ‘free water’. A catalyst is used to ensure complete combustion of all thermal ...

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    Mercury in flue gas exists as gas-phase elemental mercury (HgO) and oxidized or ionic form of mercury, such as mercuric chloride, HgCl2 (HgII+) or mercuric oxide (HgO). Speciation (oxidation state) of the mercury influences the effectiveness of various control technologies and whether the mercury is deposited locally or transported over long ...

    By CR Clean Air Group, LLC Distributor in Hamishnah, ISRAEL. from Pollutants Product line

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    ADMS 5 - Industrial Air Pollution Modelling Software

    ADMS 5 is an advanced dispersion model used to model the air quality impact of existing and proposed industrial installations. Its many features include allowance for the impacts of buildings, complex terrain, coastlines and variations in surface roughness; dry and wet deposition; NOx chemistry schemes; short term releases (puffs); ...

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    WesTech - Ana-Flo™ Reactor

    Overview of the Ana-Flo Reactor, Configured as an Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket System: The Ana-Flo™ reactor produces biogas with a high concentration of methane. When this byproduct is captured, it can be used as an energy source to generate electricity for the plant or to put back in the grid, providing customers with equipment that does ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Office in Shanghai, CHINA. from Biological Treatment Product line

  • LanzaTech - Biological Conversion Technology

    LanzaTech’s process involves biological conversion of carbon to products throughgas fermentation.Using microbes that grow on gases (rather than sugars, as in traditional fermentation), carbon-rich waste gases and residues are transformed into useful liquid commodities, used in everyday applications, providing a novel approach to carbon ...

    By LanzaTech Inc Office in Pudong New District, CHINA.

  • Autopore - Model IV Series - 9500 and 9510 - Mercury Intrusion Porosimeter

    Micromeritics’ AutoPore IV 9500 Series characterizes a material’s porosity by applying various levels of pressure to a sample immersed in mercury. The pressure required to intrude mercury into the sample’s pores is inversely proportional to the size of the pores. This is called mercury porosimetry, or often, “mercury ...

    By Kunash Instruments Pvt. Ltd. based in West Mumbai, INDIA. from Mercury Porosimetery Product line

  • BioCera - Model T - Nano Photocatalyst

    Photocalyst acts as an oxidizing agent when activated by ultraviolet ray, especially sunlight. When a photocatalyst titanium dioxide (TiO2) captures ultraviolet light (from UV-A to UV-B widely and 350~380 nano meter is the most efficient range of UV) it forms activated oxygen from water or oxygen in the air. This process is similar to ...

    By Biocera Co. Ltd. based in Sungnam, SOUTH KOREA.

  • D.P.Engineers - Model D.P.Engineers - Carbon filter

    Carbon filterCarbon filters are gas phase iaq filters that work in a combinatorial process of filtration where odor is removed from the air by retention of molecular particles by activated carbon granules and fine particles are captured in synthetic non-woven/glass fiber media. These filters are very effective for high efficiency removal and ...

    By D.P.Engineers based in DELHI, INDIA.

  • Dynamic - Activated Carbon Matrix System

    Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix systems represent the perfect solution for a wide range of applications. Versacomb’s state of the art carbon technology eliminates unwanted odors, removes corrosive gases, removes target contaminants, and supplies purified air more efficiently.

    By Dynamic Air Quality Solutions Office in Hong Kong, CHINA.

  • Model IR700 - Point IR Carbon Dioxide Gas Detector

    The Model IR700 Infrared (IR) Point Detector is a microprocessor-based carbon dioxide gas detector that continuously monitors for CO2 in ppm levels. All electronics are contained within an explosion-proof housing so that the IR700's detector information can be processed locally. The IR700 operates with a 4-20 mA signal, which is proportional to 0 ...

    By General Monitors by MSA Office in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES. from Gas Detectors Product line


    Smith & Loveless recommends a preventative maintenance provision to drain your PISTA® Grit Chamber once a year for inspection of the wetted items. Just like our pump stations, Smith & Loveless works to make everything easily accessible for the operator and technicians. Once drained, the floor of the chamber will have grit that has not ...

    By Smith & Loveless Inc. Office in Hyderabad, INDIA. from Headworks Systems - Headworks Retrofits Product line

  • Quadgeneration Systems

    Quadgeneration systems are some of the most advanced gas engine driven power plants in the world. Quadgeneration encompasses the features of a trigeneration system, with combined electricity, heat and cooling but in addition includes the recovery of carbon dioxide from the exhaust gas. This carbon dioxide is scrubbed and can be used in industrial ...

    By Clarke Energy Office in Beijing, CHINA. from Power Product line

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific - Model TruNarc ™ - Handheld Narcotics Identification System

    The Thermo Scientific TruNarc analyser offers rapid identification of suspected drugs, without direct contact for most samples. A single test for multiple controlled substances provides officers with clear, definitive results for presumptive identification with no user interpretation. Lightweight and easy to use, the ...

    By Thermo Fisher Scientific Office in Beijing, CHINA.

  • Extended Life Felt Filter Bags

    HL Extended Life filter bag provides superior filtration performance for removing gels, irregular shaped particles in liquid streams with a wide particle size distribution, as well as up to twice the dirt holding capacity of a standard filter bag. The bag is made of extended-file polyester and polypropylene materials utilizing a proprietary fiber ...

    By Suzhou Huilong Purification Filter Co.,Ltd based in Qiandeng Town, CHINA. from Liquid Filter Bags Product line

  • Model SAA 8100 - Selective Adsorption Analyzer

    The Selective Adsorption Analyzer SAA 8100 is a gas delivery system based upon the technology of PID Engineering and Technology, a Micromeritics company. The primary components of the system include mass flow controllers, blending valves, vapor sources, temperature control, and a simple column for evaluating adsorbents. The basic procedure for ...

    By Micromeritics Instrument Corporation Office in Shanghai, CHINA.

  • Model iSorb-HP - High Pressure Gas Adsorption

    High pressure adsorption measurements are important in the fields of carbon dioxide sequestration, methane storage, hydrogen storage, and gas separation. The iSorb-HP instruments (volumetric sorption or Sieverts apparatus) generate automatic measurements of full adsorption and desorption isotherms over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. ...

    By Quantachrome Instruments Office in Thane (W), INDIA. from High Pressure Gas Adsorption Product line

  • Specac SurveyIR - Infrared Microscopy Accessory

    Ergonomic infrared microscope: The SurveyIR is a new FTIR Micro-spectroscopy accessory designed to deliver the ultimate user experience for a broad range of microanalysis techniques. The unique ergonomic design allows seamless interaction between operator and instrument. The SurveyIR’s compact configuration and alignment free optical design ...

    By Specac Limited Distributor in Tokyo, JAPAN. from FTIR Accessories - Microscopy Product line

  • Diesel Perticular Filter Catalytic Converter

    This product has two kinds of cordierite and silicon carbide material, as the national 863 project, is a kind of special structure of honeycomb ceramic filter body wall, used in the diesel engine exhaust gas purification device, using the hole wall of the pore wall flow filter body, intercept and capture the carbon in the diesel exhaust smoke ...

    By Standard Teco Limited based in Nanning, CHINA. from Diesel Particulate Filter Product line

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