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  • 3D Printing Services

    What is 3D Printing Service?3D printing technology is a collective term for a series of rapid prototyping technologies, the basic principle of which is laminated manufacturing. 3d printing ...


  • NSG 2019

    Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 20199-11 September 2019, The Hague, NetherlandsWe are pleased to announce our participation and look forward to meeting you in the Hague!This edition will host the 25th European Meeting of ...

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  • Civil Engineering Soil Test Kit

    Civil Engineering Soil Test Kit

    Soil research is a very important aspect in the planning and execution of agricultural- as well as civil engineering projects and operations. In order to make the soil research as comprehensive as possible the following studies must be made with regards to: The build up of a soil; i.e. determining the composition, the thickness and the position of the various strata. The soil properties; ...