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  • Line Cleaning for More Efficient Paper Production
    Showcase Product

    Line Cleaning for More Efficient Paper Production

    By Kurita

    Cleaning and boil out operations in pulp and paper lines are a key element for keeping operational conditions on a high level. On the other hand all cleaning operations require machinery downtimes.

  • Floor Scrubber
    Showcase Product

    Floor Scrubber

    By Draygon LLC

    39/45 Gallon. 28", 32" & 36" Disc / 30" Cylindrical. The CT160 scrubber is designed for commercial and warehouse cleaning applications. It utilizes our Genius technology to make it the easiest to use rider on the ...

  • Pan Dryers
    Showcase Product

    Pan Dryers

    By Rosenmund VTA AG

    The pan dryer is based on the well established and proven Filter/Dryer technology; Here, however, the porous filter bottom is replaced with a heated flat bottom.

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    Celilo Group Media is a green media company with a mission of expanding markets for sustainable products and services. Celilo is the national leader ...

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    In partnership with the City of Vaughan, the City Playhouse is committed to showcasing professional and community based theatre, performances in ...

  • Clean Technology Trade Alliance

    Clean Technology Trade Alliance

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  • Naturalli Finland Ltd

    Green oil absorption were developed 20 years ago in Finland. Product now available are in mats. Absorption capacity is 8 times it`s own weight. Green ...