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  • Metal Contaminated Soils Fixation

    Metal Contaminated Soils Fixation

    Treatment of Metal Contaminated Soils The EPA requires a Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TCLP) test to determine if metal contaminated soils needs to be managed as hazardous or non-hazardous waste. Soils exhibiting hazardous characteristics need to be disposed of at a facility permitted for that material at a high cost. Soils treated in ...

  • Sludge Briquette Machine Guideline

    Sludge Briquette Machine Guideline

    Sludge briquette machine recycles the sludge by briquetting them for blast furnaces.  Damage Of The Sludge The steel making process makes a lot of sludge (about 8 to 12% of the steel ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Oil Detection Pan

    Oil Detection Pan

    The oil detection pan is developed for a rapid on-site analysis of soil and groundwater for floating contaminants e.g. soaps, dyestuffs and all kinds of oil derivates such as tar, lubricating oil, kerosine and petrol.

Upcoming Events

  • Essential Water 2020

    Essential Water 2020

    From biochemist Janet Angel’s powerful invention to transform oil spills into food for marine life, to artist Arica Hilton’s art advocacy for the oceans, you will not want to miss their underwater stories of life’s most critical resource. This panel is moderated by Gail Sturm, Chair of the Brushwood Center Board of Directors.