Corporate Social Responsibility equipment for Environmental Management in Europe

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    Kurita Gilunal - Model A - Sustainable Bonding for Starchy and Dextrin Containing Adhesive Systems

    Boron acid were still up four years ago as an indispensable additive for adhesive glues and for various industrial applications. When in 2011 Boron and its derivate were included in the candidate list SVHC (substances of very high concern) by ECHA as cmr-substances the manufacture and winding of cardboard cores and paper tubes and related ...

    By Kurita Office in Duesseldorf, GERMANY. from Innovations Product line

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    Single-Stage Processing of Solid Recovered Fuels for Calciners

    The Lindner Polaris makes short work of shredding, a real one-stop solution. This makes the production process more streamlined and cheaper compared to other technologies and also ensures an output quality so outstanding that it was given its own name: polaris material. And what’s more: the shredder technology is so innovative that it ...

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH based in Spittal/Drau, AUSTRIA. from System Solutions - Alternative Fuels Product line

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    Post-Consumer Plastic Recycling System

    Lindner’s multi-stage processing facility for post-consumer plastic is in a class of its own. Perfectly matched components guarantee high output quality. Robust high-end shredding, washing and drying components ensure smooth 24/7 operation with low maintenance and consistently high throughput. It has never been so easy to guarantee the ideal ...

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH based in Spittal/Drau, AUSTRIA. from System Solutions - Plastic Recycling Product line

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    ACA - Crusher for Recycling of Food Waste

    The ACA crusher separates the wrapping from the foodstuffs, e.g. chocolate, chips, bread, fruit, etc. for subsequent recycling. The crusher is particularly well suited for crushing of foodstuffs, chocolate, chips, sweets, bread, fruit, etc. After eliminating the wrapping, the foodstuffs can be recycled as animal feed. The ACA crusher is a ...

    By ACA Industry based in Odense SØ, DENMARK.

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    Waste Wood Processing for Recycling

    Excellence in shredding: Lindner’s multi-stage processing solution leaves nothing to be desired. Powerful primary shredders combined with well-engineered separation technology and high-precision Komet secondary shredders ensure not only the perfect output, but also the necessary throughput to keep downstream processes running.

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH based in Spittal/Drau, AUSTRIA. from System Solutions - Waste Wood Processing Product line

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    Scrap Metal Recycling System

    Metals are precious raw materials that can be recycled and formed into new products most endlessly.

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH based in Spittal/Drau, AUSTRIA. from System Solutions - Metal Recycling Product line

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    Lindner - Multi-Step Processing of Premium Solid Recovered Fuels

    Lindner machines are ideal for the multi-stage processing of waste from municipal, commercial and industrial waste into a high-calorific premium SRF product. For Lindner users this means: solid recovered fuels free of foreign objects such as metals, stones or glass. Supply or clinker quality issues are finally a thing of the past. Enjoy almost ...

    By Lindner-Recyclingtech GmbH based in Spittal/Drau, AUSTRIA. from System Solutions - Alternative Fuels Product line

  • FoamFatale - Automatic Self-Expanding Foam System

    FoamFatale is nowadays the best available technique in the field of storage tank fire extinguishment. It has significant advantages over the conventional methods: does not require fire water, automatic intervention within 5-10 seconds after ignition, maximum two minutes extinguishing time, long lifetime, extremely low maintenance cost, Socially ...

    By FoamFatale Greece Ltd. based in Thessaloniki, GREECE.

  • Model SCP - Smart Chain Processing System

    One integrated process. Smart Chain Processing automaticly recovers valuable energy and raw materials from waste products. The specialized sorting and processing system recovers more than 60% of the energy and converts more than  70% into reusable products and materials.

    By Renasci based in Oostende, BELGIUM.

  • Rainmaker - Commercial Water-to-Water Technologie

    Waste is now a source of profit. With Rainmaker commercial Water-to-Water technology, wastewater can generate profits, most typically by replacing the need to buy water or energy.

    By Rainmaker Worldwide Inc. Office in Rotterdam, NETHERLANDS.

  • Carechem 24

    Carechem 24 is a multilingual telephone advice service providing access to a team of trained responders 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year. Carechem 24 provides companies all over the world with emergency product support during a Hazmat incident. This service helps compliance with Responsible Care and Regulations associated with the transport and ...

    By NCEC (National Chemical Emergency Centre) based in Didcot, UNITED KINGDOM. from Emergency Response Product line

  • Municipal and Community

    Water treatment solutions for the municipal sector Water is vital to any community. Water treatment comes with significant social responsibility and major costs. We draw on our recognized expertise and the most advanced technologies to deliver a solution that meets your needs and simplifies your work. Our reliable and powerful integrated solutions ...

    By H2O Innovation Office in Bilbao, SPAIN. from Markets Product line

  • Environmental Consulting Services

    Achieving sustainable business and corporate responsibility goals is not just good for the environment; it’s good for the bottom line. Whether you need an impact assessment or complete lifecycle partner, Pöyry’s comprehensive environmental consulting services will enable you to forecast and analyse the environmental impact of ...

    By Pöyry PLC based in VANTAA, FINLAND. from Other Product line

  • Cork NatureWaves - Nature-based Solution

    Cork, being a noble raw material and totally natural with a set of properties that make it unique, was the material chosen for the creation of Cork NatureWaves®, an exclusive solution developed by Environmental Waves. In the production of Cork NatureWaves® we apply the principles of circular economy, through the recovery and reuse of the ...

    By Environmental Waves - Water Intelligence based in Povoa de Varzim, PORTUGAL.

  • Nyex™ - Micropollutant Removal

     Increasingly sensitive analytical techniques are enabling regulators to identify the presence of organic micropollutants in both water and wastewater.

    By Arvia Technology based in Runcorn, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • rPET Pellet - clear

    The Clean Tech food grade clear rPET pellet is used to replace virgin pellet in the manufacture of PET packagingOur rPET pellet doesn't just offer an environmentally sustainable alternative to virgin polymer, it also allows leading brands and manufacturers to ensure their packaging is part of the circular economy.

    By Clean Tech U.K. LTD based in Hemswell, UNITED KINGDOM. from PET Product line

  • rPET Pellet - Jazz

    Our food grade jazz rPET pellet, used in a range of applications including the manufacture of PET packaging and PET strapping.Clean Tech Jazz rPET pellet gives an environmentally sustainable alternative to virgin polymer.The material we produce allows leading brands and manufacturers to ensure their packaging is part of the circular economy.Our ...

    By Clean Tech U.K. LTD based in Hemswell, UNITED KINGDOM. from PET Product line

  • Aquasolve - Non Biocide Fuel Treatment System

    At Coval Aquasolve™ we are passionate about our commitment to provide a fuel system treatment that will satisfy social responsibilities whilst being commercially beneficial to users of hydrocarbon and bio fuels. After over 12 years of testing and refining, Aquasolve™ is now available to add to any hydrocarbon, bio and aviation fuel to ...

    By Coval Aquasolve Limited based in Earlsfield, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Bioaugmentation Technology

    The Special Forces for biological processes: well trained, fast and effective. Research has shown that the speed and effectiveness of biological processes highly increases when, besides addition of nutrition, specialised bacteria or fungi are added.  You could consider these specialised bacteria or fungi to be the special forces of the army: ...

    By Bioclear earth b.v. based in Groningen, NETHERLANDS.

  • DCT - Model X-CSR - Printing Ecosystem and Aims Plant

    DCT's innovative plant, X-CSR, is adressed to the printing ecosystem, and aims to extend solvent technology, generally adopted only by big companies, to SMEs that are using smaller quantities.

    By Donau Carbon Technologies S.r.l. (DCT) based in Guanzate (CO), ITALY. from Other Products Product line

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