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InvisiLink - Model RS-422 and RS-485 - Wireless Radio Devices

by Kistler-Morse     Distributor in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM

Eliminate the need for cables and conduit connections between sensors and data collection devices to improve your inventory management system. Standard InvisiLink communicates using radio frequencies via RS-422 or RS-485 protocols.

Sustainability & CSR Data Management

by EHS Data Ltd.     based in Newark-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM

Helping clients reduce the use of natural resources, drive down costs and work with their communities.

AirChek - Model 2000 - -Programmable Personal Sample Pump

by SKC Inc.     Office in Blandford Forum, UNITED KINGDOM

The AirChek® 2000, 5 to 3250 ml/min, PC-programmable personal sample pump provides over 12-hour run times for sampling particulates and gases/vapors. The pump is ideal for use with sorbent tubes, filter cassettes, and size-selective samplers. UL Listed for intrinsic safety

Environmental Compliance

by EHS Data Ltd.     based in Newark-on-Trent, UNITED KINGDOM

Solutions designed to enable users to professionally manage their diverse environmental compliance data in one solution.

Model XiLog+ Series - GPRS + SMS Data Logger for Water Management

by Primayer Ltd     based in Denmead, UNITED KINGDOM

XiLog+ series is a new range of remote data loggers available from Primayer. Every logger can be programmed for GPRS or SMS communications. It is available in single to nine channel models for use with a wide variety of sensors for monitoring water networks.

NivuLog - Model 4 - Robust GPRS Data Logger With Data Memory

by NIVUS GmbH     Office in Weston under Wetherley, UNITED KINGDOM

Thanks to four free configurable multifunctional inputs as well as the robust and chemical resistant rubber protection the NivuLog 4 is the ideal transmission unit particularly for environments with a high degree of pollution. The switchable sensor power supply guarantees the parallel supply of multiple sensors. The sensors are connected using a ...

NivuLog - Model 2 Ex N - Robust Ex Data Logger With Data Memory

by NIVUS GmbH     Office in Weston under Wetherley, UNITED KINGDOM

GPRS data logger NivuLog 2 Ex N allows to set up self-sufficient and mains power-independent measurement systems with sensors and data transmission via GPRS in explosive areas. The 2 available universal inputs can be configured freely. The switchable sensor power supply allows to operate Ex sensors. The rechargeable high-performance battery ...

OTT DuoSens

by OTT Hydromet - a member of Hach Company     Office in UNITED KINGDOM

The OTT DuoSens is a compact data logger as an economical entry-level model for hydro-meteorological stations. The essential functions are the collection, storage, processing, control and transmission of environmental data. Standardized interfaces such as SDI-12, 4 ... 20 mA and pulse allows to connect easily a variety of hydro-meteorological ...

Non-Contact Wireless System

by Hach Company Flow Meters     Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM

Our most powerful monitoring system combines the convenience of wireless data delivery with the intelligence of non-contact flow monitoring. Using wireless Hach FL900 Series Flow Loggers and non-contact FLO-DAR AV Sensors, this system captures flow data with a high-level of accuracy, dramatically reduces required maintenance, and significantly ...

NivuLog Easy Sun - Autarcic GPRS Data Logger Solar Power Supply

by NIVUS GmbH     Office in Weston under Wetherley, UNITED KINGDOM

NivuLog Easy SUN is a fully equipped data transmission unit in a stable solar pane enclosure. Protected by armoured glass, the built-in rechargeable battery is charged using a photovoltaic system to provide power supply even during months with low sunlight. The switchable sensor power supply allows to directly supply sensors. No additional ...

Rl Wireless Management System

by Rotork     based in Bath, UNITED KINGDOM

The Rl Wireless Management System is a central server software programme on the TCP/IP network which maintains the wireless network, performs data logging and publishes sensor information to clients. The GUI Client provides a view to sensors data and network status and allows configuration of remote sensors and alarms. The Client Connectivity ...

HOBO - Model MX1101 - Low Energy Temperature/Relative Humidity Data Logger

by Onset Computer Corporation     Distributor in UNITED KINGDOM

Onset’s HOBO MX1101 data logger measures and transmits temperature and relative humidity data wirelessly to mobile devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. The self-contained wireless data logger, which works with Onset’s free HOBOmobile® app for logger setup and data management, enables you to access data anytime from ...

Envirologger - M2M Environmental Data Management

by Envirologger Limited     based in Twyning, UNITED KINGDOM

Envirologger Environmental Data Management offer a smarter way of collecting and managing monitoring data from environmental sensors. Unlike many older systems which only collect data on demand by polling remote data loggers via dial up modems, we use ‘push’ technology which streams data to the user over fast wireless internet ...

PowerZook - PoE Power Sensor for Data Centres

by Jacarta Ltd     based in Wiltshire, UNITED KINGDOM

PowerZook is a unique, non-intrusive, Cisco Energy Management end-point that can be installed in minutes without system downtime or environmental disruption to begin monitoring the power in data center racks within minutes. PowerZook presents readings in Watts to the Cisco Energy Management domain so that rack power usage can be monitored and ...

Application Performance Management

by Oracle Crystal Ball GBU     Office in UNITED KINGDOM

Achieve better business/IT alignment with 6 to 12.5 times less effort than competitive APM solutions. Isolate and diagnose problems as much as 3 to 5 times faster than with other APM solutions. Reduce downtime by as much as 73 percent. Increase online revenue by up to 25%.Enterprise Manager 12c provides a complete Application Performance ...

Digital Inclinometer System

by RST Instruments Ltd.     Distributor in Suffolk, UNITED KINGDOM

Since 2003, RST's Inclinometer systems have had the shortest overall length available for a given base length compared to competitive inclinometers. With a minimum negotiable casing radius of 1.93 m, RST's Digital MEMS Inclinometer can still traverse a smaller radius bend than all other inclinometers available in the industry. A local ...

IX100 Site Manager (formerly WEMSprogrammer)

by WEMSinternational     based in Stockport, UNITED KINGDOM

The IX100 site management device acts as the hub for all the wireless sensors and Input/Output modules on the site. Ethernet or 3G connection to the internet via a secure link enables all the site data they store to be remotely collected by our Enterprise manager application, and scheduling and set-point changes remotely applied.  The

Process Data Analyser (PDA)

by Knowledge Process Solutions (KPS)     based in Lancashire, UNITED KINGDOM

Process Data Analyser (PDA) is a fast, easy to use, data analysis tool that will deliver business benefits on any aspect of plant performance including production throughput, quality, yield, energy, emissions, water, and maintenance: It is a totally flexible tool to help you make better more informed, intelligent decisions about plant management ...

Culligan Hi-Flo - Model 3e Series - Water Softener System

by Culligan Matrix Solutions     Distributor in Bucks, UNITED KINGDOM

An Efficient, Flexible, and Scalable Water Treatment System. Improve your water quality regardless of your water usage quantity. The Culligan Hi-Flo 3e water softener effectively reduces contaminants* that affect water quality such as scale and stain-causing minerals. The Culligan-exclusive Smart Controller allows you to efficiently set up and ...

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

by Greenologic Limited     based in Oadby, UNITED KINGDOM

Indoor Temperature & Humidity; battery powered. The ZED-THI-M is a battery powered device which perform temperature and humidity measurements at the same time and send them at regular intervals to a Gateway of the 4-noks products family. This device may be configured to manage alarm thresholds for exceeding maximum or minimum levels of ...

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