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  • Materials Management and Compliance for A&D - Case Study

    Materials Management and Compliance for A&D - Case Study

    "Using Teamcenter for our product sustainability framework, we can reduce the presence of hazardous substances used in our products, increase supply chain transparency, and address our Ecodesign objectives." John Hunter, Engineering Manager for Chemical Management, CaterpillarPlease, click here to download the

  • The Sustainability of Electric Motors

    What are the key factors necessary to assess the environmental sustainability of electric motors?First, let’s define what we mean by an electric motor. An e-motor is a product that converts ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Motor-Driven Metering Pump

    Motor-Driven Metering Pump

    Capacity range 50 – 420 l/h, 16 – 4 bar. Robust motor-driven metering pumps like the Sigma/ 2 Basic guarantee excellent process reliability with their patented multi-layer safety diaphragm. The diaphragm metering pump offers a number of power end versions, also suitable for use in areas at risk from explosion.