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  • Bearing Shells
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    Bearing Shells

    By Main-Metall International AG

    For decades hydrodynamic Main-Metall bearing shells have been used successfully in heavy duty applications like cement kiln roller stations.

  • Plastics Refractory Material
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    Plastics Refractory Material

    By KILTAS Refractory Materials Co & Ltd

    Ready to use materials installed by tamping or ramming, after drying either the heat or a chemical binder converts the plastics info a solid. Wide range of applications areas are available into iron and steel, ...

  • Hydrophobic Fiber
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    Hydrophobic Fiber

    By Ecosorb International

    A loose cellulose absorbent which is oleophilic (readily absorbs oil-based liquids) and is hydrophobic (resists water). It is used to absorb hydrocarbons, chemicals, oils, and greases on land and on open water. K-Sorb ...

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  • CAMI Depurazioni S.r.l.

    CAMI Depurazioni S.r.l.

    CAMI srl Depurazioni, a leading company, founded in the 1970s and situated in the industrial district of Fiorano Modenese, develops its own ...

  • AFS Technology

    AFS Technology

    AFS Technology LLC designs, builds and installs automated handling and dosing systems to maximize combustion of whole tire fuel and other waste ...