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  • Dual Channel Absorption Sensors
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    Dual Channel Absorption Sensors

    By Chemtronic Waltemode GmbH

    The sensor model MoniSpec-UVd uses the principle of dual channel absorption to detect UV- Absorption in liquids. The measurement detector registers the UV- absorption caused by UV- absorbing substances and particles ...

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  • Spinas

    SPINAS Co. was established in 2012 with the resolute purpose of serving Oil & Gas, Energy and Water & Waste water Industry of Iran. We are ...

  • BCMbio, Inc.

    BCMbio, Inc.

    Airmax, Inc. is a bacteria and enzyme manufacturer whose focus is bioremediation for wastewater, lakes, ponds, oil, greases, sludge and odor. Our ...

  • Pump Solutions Group (PSG)

    Pump Solutions Group (PSG)

    PSG is the global leader in the manufacture of pumps, systems and related flow-control solutions for the safe, efficient and reliable transfer of ...

  • Vietnam Chemical New Technology.,JSC

    Business activities -Manufacturing, Trading chemical reagent chemicals for laboratory -Trading industrial chemical for waterwater treatment, supply ...

  • Holland Novochem B.V.

    Holland Novochem B.V.

    Novochem Water Treatment develops and commercializes corrosion inhibitors, anti scalants, anti foulants, biocides, defoamers and flocculants for ...