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  • Sulphate And Metal Recovery
    Showcase Product

    Sulphate And Metal Recovery

    By Paques B.V.

    SULFATEQ removes sulphate to less than 300 mg/l and converts it into hydrophilic (non-clogging) elemental sulphur. In addition, it recovers valuable metals such as copper, nickel and zinc as marketable metal sulphides.

  • Gridding & Contouring for AutoCAD
    Showcase Software

    Gridding & Contouring for AutoCAD

    By RockWare, Inc.

    QuickSurf is a fast, powerful general purpose surface modeling system running inside of AutoCAD 2000 – 2014. Thousands of people use QuickSurf daily for generation and annotation of contour maps, profiles, ...

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  • Quality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining

    Quality Aspects in Spatial Data Mining

    Describes the State-of-the-Art in Spatial Data Mining, Focuses on Data Quality. Substantial progress has been made toward developing effective ...

  • Tailings Management Facilities

    Tailings Management Facilities

    Tailings are fine-grained residues from the milling process, emerging as slurries that are deposited in ponds or lagoons, often confined by m

Companies & Suppliers

  • EmiControls


    In 2011 EmiControls starts to manufactures and supplies custom-made solutions for dust control and odor elimination for a wide and diverse range of ...

  • BeadedStream


    BeadedStream is an Alaska-based designer and manufacturer of custom, digital temperature monitoring solutions used in a range of scientific and ...

  • FINN Corporation

    FINN Corporation

    The FINN Corporation prides itself on manufacturing products that give contractors the ability to work more profitably by completing more jobs for ...