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    Nanoparticle Definition“Nanoparticle” is a catch-all term. There is no consensus on definitions or nomenclature for nanoparticles or nano aerosols. Other terms for this material include “Ultrafine Particle” (less than 100 nm in diameter). Current terminology for measuring worker exposure to particulates does not take particle size ranges into account.


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  • Condensation Particle Counter and Research Troposhperic Aerosols

    Condensation Particle Counter and Research Troposhperic Aerosols

    The GRIMM 5410 SKY-CPC is the result of GRIMMs long-lasting experience with aerospace applications with custom-made CPC-cores optimized for counting nanoparticles at low pressure. The skyCPC line features a weight-optimized design, pressure-independent flow control and a specially adapted management of working fluids to comply with aviation safety regulations. The GRIMM 5410 SKY-CPC has an ...

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  • ARABLAB+ 2021

    ARABLAB+ 2021

    The most powerful annual show for the global Laboratory & Analytical Industry. The show that...showcases the latest technology, brings results, achieves success, develops business, provides solutions, creates knowledge.