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  • Just In Time Tankering
    Showcase Product

    Just In Time Tankering

    By Kingspan Water & Energy

    Our JIT tankering solution remotely monitors sludge levels in cesspits, reducing tankering frequency and logistical costs.

  • Filtration Units
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    Filtration Units

    By E-Pump is a Division of E-Tank, Ltd.

    E-Pump offers the highest performing Filtration units in the rental industry. Our entire fleet of filters and filter systems are performance tested and verified prior to every rental. This testing assures that each unit ...

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  • Dredging Africa

    Dredging Africa

    Dredging Africa offers inland dredging services with its main focus on environmental clean-up, dam restoration and dredge mining projects in Southern ...

  • BCMbio, Inc.

    BCMbio, Inc.

    Airmax, Inc. is a bacteria and enzyme manufacturer whose focus is bioremediation for wastewater, lakes, ponds, oil, greases, sludge and odor. Our ...

  • Biogenie, a division of EnGlobe corp.

    Biogenie, a division of EnGlobe corp.

    Biogénie is a company that has worldwide recognition, carrying out activities in Québec, Ontario, Alberta, and Northern Canada, the Northeastern ...

  • Dynamic Screening Systems Ltd (DSS)

    Dynamic Screening Systems Ltd (DSS)

    Dynamic Screening Systems manufacture very high power Screening Equipment for difficult materials such as: Sticky quarry material, quarry waste and ...

  • Bryant Geo Environmental Inc.

    Bryant Geo Environmental Inc.

    More than 600 Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Phase II ESAs, dry cleaner investigations, UST corrective action assessments and ...