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Marsh Bellofram - Model Type 10 - Air Pressure Regulator with 0.1% Accuracy

by Marsh Bellofram     Distributor in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The Marsh Bellofram Type 10 Air Pressure Regulator is designed to control output pressure with accuracy of 0.1% and high-repeatability, with very low sensitivity to changes in supply pressure, ambient temperature and flow.

PHG Energy - Low-Tar Biomass Gasification System

by PHG Energy, LLC     based in Nashville, TENNESSEE (USA)

PHG Energy’s Downdraft Gasifier is a sequential, co-current flow, gravity-assisted, thermo-chemical phase change reactor or, more simply put, a revolution in biomass gasification.

Marsh Bellofram - Model T39 - Air Pressure Regulator

by Marsh Bellofram     Distributor in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The Bellofram T39 regulator selection is the largest of its type in the industry. We offer this regulator in three different materials, one of which will ideally suit your application AND your budget. ALL of the T39 regulators are offered with six different spring ranges. Our broad selection of outlet pressure spring ranges allows more precise ...

Olin - Power of Bleach

by Olin Corporation     based in Cleveland, TENNESSEE (USA)

According to a study published in December 2008 by the American Chemistry Council, about 57,000 water treatment facilities and 9,000 waste water treatment facilities in the U.S. and Canada rely on chlorine chemistry. Elemental chlorine is widely accepted for water purification and disinfection because the technology required for its use is simple, ...

Marsh Bellofram - Model T37 - Air / Process Gas Pressure Regulators

by Marsh Bellofram     Distributor in Knoxville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The Type 37 regulator is specifically designed for applications that require large flow capability and accurate pressure control. This regulator offers low droop, high accuracy, and fine adjustment sensitivity. The use of a Bellofram rolling diaphragm provides greater sensitivity and improved accuracy. The Type 37 offers a balanced ...

Suntree - Model GR8 Protector™ - Temporary Inlet Protection For Construction Sites

by Suntree Technologies, Inc.     Distributor in Hendersonville, TENNESSEE (USA)

The GR8-PROTECTOR is temporary grated inlet protection and is an effective and inexpensive BMP for construction sites to achieve NPDES compliance. The GR8-PROTECTOR is manufactured from heavy geotextile fabric over a carbon steel substrate. Available with optional absorption booms to capture oils. The 40-sieve size uniform openings resist ...

Flaring Solutions for the Midstream Oil and Gas industry - Railroad Loading Combustor

by ABUTEC LLC     Office in Soddy Daisy, TENNESSEE (USA)

The transportation of oil via railcar is proving to be a cost-effective method for moving bulk cargo. However, as the move to rail gains momentum, it is imperative for companies to examine the need for enclosed combustion systems. Because railcars are tanks, the emissions produced during the loading process are regulated. ABUTEC enclosed flares ...

Flaring Solutions for the Midstream Oil and Gas industry - Marine Loading Terminal

by ABUTEC LLC     Office in Soddy Daisy, TENNESSEE (USA)

Barge and marine vessel loading facilities are key players in the midstream oil and gas pipelines. These facilities must have a system specifically designed to control and combust the vapors inherently produced in the oil cargo transfer process. Additionally, potential hazards related to the loading of barges and vessels are great, and include ...

Go-Filter - Mobile Treatment System

by AS Filtration, LLC     based in TENNESSEE (USA)

The Go-Filter Mobile Treatment System is a modular skid-mounted water filtration device designed to reduce turbidity levels in discharge waters at construction sites or industrial facilities. Unlike conventional sand filters, the Go-Filter’s cross-flow filtration technology removes sediment particles to the submicron level, or 0.5 microns ...

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