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Environmental Finance equipment for Environmental Management

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    Husky - Flexible Frac Tanks

    Husky's flexible portable pillow tanks, also known as frac tanks, are tanks used to transport and store water for the purpose of hydraulic fracturing. The water in the frac tank is piped to the pump, which pumps the water at a high pressure down the well. Frac tanks come in steel and flexible varieties. Flexible, portable, or pillow tanks can be ...

    By Husky Portable Containment based in Bartlesville, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Environmental Products Product line

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    ECO PHYSICS - Model CLD 66 - Nitrogen Oxide Analyzer

    The new CLD 66 nitrogen oxide analyzer is the economical solution for the continuous measurement of NO, N02 and NO concentrations even in the range of parts per trillion!

    By ECO PHYSICS AG based in Duernten, SWITZERLAND. from Environmental Applications Product line

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    Husky - Portable Containment Pools

    Husky's portable containment pools are ideal for small spills and leaks. Store on your truck or emergency response vehicle. Very easy to use and economical!

    By Husky Portable Containment based in Bartlesville, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Environmental Products Product line

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    Husky - Mini Basins

    Our new economical mini basins are great for smaller containment issues. Keep the environment clean by using our mini basins for small gas-powered equipment, small containers of fuel, oils, solvents, paints and chemicals.

    By Husky Portable Containment based in Bartlesville, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Environmental Products Product line

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    HSM - Model V-Press 860 - Vertical Baling Presses

    With a pressing power of 532 kN and employing low-noise and energy-saving technology, the HSM V-Press 860 is the most economical and ecological solution for your waste disposal.

    By HSM GmbH + Co. KG based in Frickingen, GERMANY. from Vertical Baling Presses Product line

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    Fiberglass Needle Felt for Dust Collector Systems & Isolation

    Standard sample:. Material: 100% fiber glass fiber / fiber glass high tensile strength filament scrim. Weight: 880g/sq.m. Thickness:2.5mm. Air Permeability: 280 L/ m2. S @200pa.

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    KAHL - Economic Pelleting Plants of Coke Breeze

    Due to the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, waste materials, in this case coke breeze, are a major burden for the steel mills. Coke breeze should therefore be available at extremely low purchase prices or even free of charge. It is normal practice for the steel mills in the U.S., China and Asia to pay money to landfills in order ...

    By Amandus Kahl GmbH & Co. KG based in Reinbek, GERMANY. from Recycling Industry Product line

  • Risk Management Services

    Many investments in developing and transition countries entail risks that are difficult for investors to assess. By helping to manage risks, DEG also helps make the most of business opportunities.Thanks to our sound country know-how and decades of experience in handling exceptional investment risks in our partner countries, we are able to take ...

  • Liability Valuation Services

    Current and prospective owners of polluted real property are challenged to quantify the cost to cure liabilities to the point of compliance. Decision makers need this information to identify and select the best strategy in terms of several metrics: (1) expected value, (2) return on investment, and (3) benefit. When strategy involves impaired ...

    By BBJ Group, LLC based in Chicago, ILLINOIS (USA). from Risk and Liability Management Product line

  • Makron - Cellulose Insulation Machinery

    Cellulose Fibre Insulation is an ecological and healthy thermal insulation material. Its raw material is recycled paper and it is manufactured ecologically by Makron technology – without polluting the environment. The energy consumption for manufacturing Cellulose Fibre Insulation is lower than for any other industrially manufactured thermal ...

    By Makron Engineering Oy based in LAHTI, FINLAND. from Cellulose Insulation Machinery Product line

  • SyncroTherm - Heat Treat System

    Total integration of heat treatment into the manufacturing work center results in dramatic cost reductions of component-manufacturing. The components are transported individually from each working-step to the next working-step following the “One Piece flow”-philosophy. A continuous product-flow is generated between soft-machining, heat ...

    By ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH based in Hanau, GERMANY.

  • Model CSTT - Natural Vegetable Oil

    In construction, unsuitable soil can be a challenge and very costly to overcome. But with new technologies in development, this is no longer a challenge. Most soils are made up of four main elements which are gravel, sand, silt and clay.

    By Iramont Inc. based in Laval, QUEBEC (CANADA).

  • Nutshell - Ecological Briquettes

    “Nutshell Ecological Briquettes” is an environmental friendly and economic fuel with its high calorific value, long combustion and organic structural properties. It is an ecological product, made of hazelnut shells, ground and dried. Compared to fossil fuels, “Nutshell Ecological Briquettes” has a lower CO2 release and ...

    By Yaksam Hane based in Tekkeköy, TURKEY.

  • Wallbarn - Component Green Roof Systems

    Component green roof systems have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way of providing attractive & environmentally friendly ways for filling an open space on flat roofs.

    By Wallbarn Ltd based in South Croydon, UNITED KINGDOM. from Green Roof Systems Product line

  • CataStak - Model SCRs Series - Ammonia-Free Systems

    Based on Nationwide's proven CataStak SCR system technology, the ammonia-free CataStak SCR system has been economically designed to provide reliable NOx performance for firetube and watertube boilers using a safe 32.5% urea solution. Utilizing the Combustion Components Associates Inc. patented TRIM-NOX urea injection system, this safe, low NOx SCR ...

    By Nationwide Boiler Inc. based in Fremont, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Lower Emissions - Environmental Solutions Product line

  • Vertical Hot Water Boilers

    KOMFORTS produces vertical hot water boilers with output range from 750 kW till 10 MW (in single unit). Vertical hot water boilers operate as a set with moving grates front furnaces. Provided for water heating in forced circulation heating systems of apartment houses or inustrial premises. Maximum water temperature 130 °C or 110 °C. ...

    By Komforts based in Tukums, LATVIA. from Other Products Product line

  • Antifoulant Chemical Treatments Equipment

    Better antifoulant chemistry to minimize the costly effects of fouled equipment. Process equipment fouling in oil refineries and petrochemical industries is an on-going, tenacious, and extremely costly problem.

    By General Electric based in Fairfield, CONNECTICUT (USA).

  • Environmental Products

    The Self-venting Submersible Electric Pump is an economical and effective way of pumping shallow wells. The Stainless Steel Screen Pre-Pack is ideal for use with direct push drill technology for small diameter monitoring wells.

    By RST Instruments Ltd. based in Maple Ridge, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA). from Environmental Products Product line

  • WISPASET - Model 100 - Ssilenced Pump

    The Wispaset 100 can operate night and day without damaging the environment. These economic, efficient and environmentally friendly pumps meet the most stringent European and Global noise regulations and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

    By Andrews Sykes based in Wolverhampton, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pumps Product line

  • Flue Gas Treatment System

    Depend on the environmental and economical request we design the flue gas treatment. Two principal of adsorption came to the fore, wet and dry adsorption. In case of emission there are mainly to standards requested: US EPA Standard, European Standard according the Guideline 2000/76/EC, Mostly both of the standards can be achieved by a dry or wet ...

    By Joseph Egli AG based in Oberurnen, SWITZERLAND.

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