Environmental Impacts

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  • How to Manage Supply Chain Sustainability During COVID-19

    At the beginning of 2020, sustainability was one of the hottest topics in logistics. Consumers and shareholders alike are paying closer attention to the environmental impact of the companies they support and invest in, and that scrutiny gets passed down through the supply chain to the logistics companies that distribute food. Now, not even six months into the year, the Coronavirus disease ...

  • Closing the Loop on Chemical Recycling

    Around the globe, pressure on our resources is rising due to population growth and a growing middle class whose level of consumption is increasing. In order to match limited resources with this ...


  • Recovering 90% of end-of-life PU is possible!

    Recovering 90% of end-of-life PU is possible!

    Linear economy is a process which has been normalized through several decades, it consists in turning natural resources into products that are taken for disposal once they are not useful anymore, or, can they still be usable in a proper way? It ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Airport Noise Monitor Hardware

    Airport Noise Monitor Hardware

    The Casper Airport NMT offers a range of functions designed around airport noise monitoring. The noise monitor is designed to be installed outside for a long period of time. For that reason, it is very important that measurements are reliable, maintenance is low, real-time system monitoring and alert functions are available and all data is available in real-time. To monitor airport noise ...

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