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  • Free-Field Microphone
    Showcase Product

    Free-Field Microphone

    By Norsonic AS

    ½" free-field, high sensitivity, low cost self-polarised class 2 microphone. Ideal for use in multi channels systems or other applications that requires a self polarised class 2 microphone accuracy.

  • High Performance Integratable Foundation  Wireless Data Link
    Showcase Product

    High Performance Integratable Foundation Wireless Data Link

    By Pacific Crest

    The ADL Foundation is a 0.1-1.0 Watt UHF transceiver designed for integration into products that require either a one- or two-way radio communication link. This sophisticated radio modem utilizes Pacific Crest’s ...

  • Robotic Mass Comparators
    Showcase Product

    Robotic Mass Comparators

    By Mettler - Toledo Int. Inc

    Outstanding Performance using Robotic Weight Handling. Efficiency, productivity, and accuracy are key attributes of the a_Line robotic mass comparators. Thanks to the robot and a magazine of up to 100 weights, ...

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  • /files/6063/images/covers/9781402016226.jpg

    Cultural Heritage and Aerobiology

    This is a translated and revised edition of the original Italian version. This book is the first to give a general overview of the application of ...

  • Environmental Software Systems

    Environmental Informatics is a fast growing field which deals with all methods from computer science, environmental planning, ecology and related ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Donley Technology

    Donley Technology

    Donley Technology has been analyzing and reporting on the environmental, health & safety software industries and market. The company is a ...

  • EarthShift Global LLC

    EarthShift Global LLC

    EarthShift Global’s team helps top-level executives, front-line practitioners, academic researchers and policymakers worldwide achieve their ...

  • Warwick International Computing Systems Ltd.

    Warwick International Computing Systems Ltd.

    Occupational Health and Safety software. Established in 1989 Warwick were one of the first companies to develop Occupational Health and Safety ...

  • Farayand Sabz Pakan

    Farayand Sabz Company (FSPC) is an environmental company that serves environmental services such as oily water treatment, incineration,waste ...

  • Agile Applications Limited

    Agile Applications Limited

    Agile Applications Limited is dedicated to delivering new digital service platforms for the Local Government sector. Our expertise spans Land and ...