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Environmental Management (EHS) Software Applications

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    Water monitoring instruments for water & wastewater

    Our world-class end-to-end hardware and software products and systems save water and wastewater companies time and money by simplifying automation tasks and exploiting data in real-time. We are the leading global provider of truly end-to-end systems for the water industry including our own range of remote telemetry units (RTUs) for data acquisition, Loggers for Local & Remote Leak detection, scalable SCADA platform SCOPE and suite of Data Analytics solutions which are breaking new ground for water companies...

    By Ovarro (formerly Servelec Technologies & Primayer) based in Eckington, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software for Facilities Management

    CRAMS has been developed to streamline risk assessment management. It offers an efficient system of identifying, documenting, assessing, and ultimately managing risks encountered when overseeing client facilities. Because risk assessment forms one of the key procedural aspects required by facilities management (FM) organisations, effective risk management for all members of staff is vital. Our solution simplifies this challenge.

    By CRAMS based in Scarborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Data Acquisition and Compliance Software Solutions for Electric Generation

    VIM Technologies, Inc. has experience with many different electric generation applications including coal fired, combined cycle gas turbines, simple cycle gas turbines, and biomass.

    By VIM Technologies based in Glen Burnie, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Data Acquisition and Compliance Software Solutions for Pulp and Paper

    Beginning in 1995, VIM began a very long and mutually beneficial relationship with STI out of Waldron, AR (now Thermo Fisher Scientific). This relationship produced many DAS installations with a variety of major manufacturers of pulp and paper. VIM has maintained and nurtured these relationships over time and has helped navigate our pulp and paper partners through some of the most arduous regulatory demands including implementation of the NOx SIP Call.

    By VIM Technologies based in Glen Burnie, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Data Acquisition and Compliance Software Solutions for Fine Chemicals

    Our experience with fine chemicals dates to some of the first systems we ever built while working with pharmaceuticals in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The complex reporting requirements found in these two states tested our product from the very beginning. We have since built on these experiences and have worked with many of the major fine chemical suppliers in the United States.

    By VIM Technologies based in Glen Burnie, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Noise Monitoring for Industry

    For Industrial Noise Monitoring applications, Cirrus Environmental can supply a range portable, semi-permanent or permanent noise monitors as well as the MK:427 NoiseSensor for integration into existing data logging systems.

    By Cirrus Environmental based in Peterborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • EHS & sustainability solutions for the energy oil & gas industry

    For many organizations effective EHS and sustainability management are central components of strategic planning, resource management and regulatory compliance. IHS combines software, data and expertise into a comprehensive suite of sustainability management solutions to help you assess and respond to emerging issues, meet your company`s global compliance obligations and convert business risk to opportunity.

    By IHS Markit based in Englewood, COLORADO (USA).

  • GIS software for water resource industry

    GIS is a powerful tool for developing solutions for water resources such as assessing water quality and managing water resources on a local or regional scale. Hydrologists use GIS technology to integrate various data and applications into one, manageable system. The suite of tools contained in Arc Hydro facilitate the creation, manipulation, and display of hydro features and objects within the ArcGIS environment.

    By Esri based in Redlands, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Environmental Footprint - PEF and OEF

    What is Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF)? The European Commission launched the Environmental Footprint (EF) initiative under the Single Market Act, with a focus on green products. It is designed to harmonize the many different methodologies that are available to calculate and communicate environmental information on products and organizations, covering the entire life cycle from cradle to grave and a wide range of environmental issues including climate change,...

    By Sphera based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, GERMANY.

  • Route Optimization Software For Waste Collection

    IIT`s eRouteLogistics® is a route optimization software for Waste Collection that supports multiple lines of business including Commercial, Residential and Roll-Off.

    By Institute of Information Technology, Inc. (IIT) based in Magnolia, TEXAS (USA).

  • Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software for Hospitality

    Successful organisations in the hospitality industry see a constant flow of guests arriving and departing, with each posing a different health and safety challenge. Risk management in hospitality requires a thorough review of tasks, identifying areas and operations that could cause harm. If this is successful, your guests will have a positive experience and leave without any accidents, illnesses or injuries occurring. Our cloud-based solutions make it easy for you to realise this objective.

    By CRAMS based in Scarborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cloud-Based Health and Safety Software for Healthcare

    The healthcare industry employs a diverse workforce looking after a predominantly vulnerable population. This poses unique risks to your staff and to the public, with those using your services entitled to a level of care and support that takes into account their needs, freedoms and dignity. By using our flexible cloud-based tool, you can assess risk, record incidents, keep track of training needs and ensure the highest level of compliance.

    By CRAMS based in Scarborough, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Integrated real-time gas analysis solution for emissions industry

    Pollutant emissions from industrial smoke stacks are a major national concern due to both health concerns and climate change. As a consequence, there are at least tens of gas analyzer manufacturers in the U.S. alone that compete in that market and have done so for years. What CIC Photonics brings to that competitive field is its expertise derived from its Combustion Efficiency Solution and its high performance IRGAS Systems. The IRGAS-CEM provides real-time and simultaneous measurements of the multitude of...

    By CIC Photonics based in Albuquerque, NEW MEXICO (USA).

  • SDS Authoring and Generation

    The SDS Authoring and Generation module manages the creation, distribution, and storage of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). Designed to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements of a number of jurisdictions both domestic and foreign, the module dramatically reduces the cost and liability associated with typical SDS management programs. . By 2015, all SDS documents and labels must comply with the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) classification standards. Features include: • Automatic flagging and documentati...

    By Quantum Compliance based in Ann Arbor, MICHIGAN (USA).

  • Laser Based Remote Sensing Instruments for 3D cloud base

    Cloud base height is currently measured using ceilometers, which are in reality low spec LIDAR systems. LIDAR is therefore already the standard method of determining cloud base height.

    By Raymetrics S.A. based in Athens, GREECE.

  • Data Acquisition and Compliance Software Solutions for Petrochemical and Refining

    VIM Technologies, Inc. has been working with petrochemical and refining customers since 1995. We have continued to experience market share in this industry over the years and are working together with key industry leaders.

    By VIM Technologies based in Glen Burnie, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Laboratory data analysis, reporting and documentation solutions for laboratories & research industry

    XiltriX plays an important role in your research protocol. Clinical research requires management and control of the study and fully backed up by reports and documentation. XiltriX offers data protection with multiple data back-up, document control and key data of your Scientific processes for your statistical review.

    By XiltriX based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Software Solutions for Sustainable Stormwater Design

    Our world is on the cusp of a stormwater design revolution - a change in the theories of stormwater management that we have held for 200 years which now call us to consider the impact of water quantity and quality on our future generations. Government agencies and their citizenry are calling for innovative new ways to ensure that our natural water resources remain vital and sustainable.

    By Innovyze based in Portland, OREGON (USA).

  • Data Acquisition and Compliance Software Solutions for Cement

    VIM Technologies, Inc. has been working with environmental data acquisition in the cement industry since we were founded in 1992. We are well versed in the latest regulations affecting the cement industry and are prepared to help you comply.

    By VIM Technologies based in Glen Burnie, MARYLAND (USA).

  • Nuclear/District Survey or Environmental LIMS

    The Matrix LIMS Nuclear Monitoring Solution is a versatile, comprehensive LIMS solution that is available for district survey, liquid discharge, gaseous discharge and chemistry applications. It is a highly configurable software system, suitable for environmental and chemistry applications within the nuclear power generation industry. It applies to both generating stations and during decommissioning. Access to the system is controlled by a comprehensive security system utilising a class based structure relating to...

    By Autoscribe Informatics based in Reading,, UNITED KINGDOM.

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