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impact assessment (Environmental Management) equipment

  • Legal Compliance & Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

    Legislatory compliance is an essential pre-requisite for any aquaculture facility wishing to demonstrate a commitment and responsibility in the marketplace and is also a critical requirement for achieving global aquaculture certification. Legal applications for consents, leases and licenses often leads to detailed and exhausting paperwork but ...

    By eAqua Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM.

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    ENVEA - Model Cairnet 2020 - Autonomous Networks of Sensor-Based Mini-Stations

    Cairnet® device is a real-time standalone and networkable air-monitoring station containing up to 6 Cairsens® microsensors and cellular communication within a waterproof enclosure. Thanks to its integrated manifold allowing a dynamic sampling, the measures are accurate and reliable. Electronic compounds are sealed & protected from ...

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    Zetian - Model FT-2000P - FTIR Portable Gas Analyzer

    Based on FTIR technology, FT-2000P portable gas analyzer can continuously monitor various kinds of components in the emission, such as SO2, NOx (NO, NO2), CH4, NH3, HCl, HF, CO, CO2, O2, H2O. According to actual measuring need, it can be extended to measure other components, like SO3, N2O and etc. This portable system mainly comprises FTIR ...

    By Hangzhou Zetian Technology Co., Ltd. based in Hangzhou, CHINA. from Flue Gas Analyzer Product line

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    ADMS-Screen - Advanced Screening Tool for Industrial Emissions

    ADMS-Screen is a screening model for air quality calculations. It models dispersion from a single stack to calculate ground-level concentrations, providing rapid assessments of stack height. Comparison with air quality strategy objectives and European Union air quality standards can be made. The model also has an option to include building ...

    By Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC) based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Air Pollution Modelling Software Product line

  • Biodiversity Information Systems

    Bio3 uses Geographical Information Systems (GIS) linked to databases to model and develop WebGIS tools applied to Biodiversity. These tools are used also in the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure. Bio3 also develops specific Information Systems, especially tools to organize, manage and promote biodiversity data. Our approach for developing ...

    By Bio3, Lda. based in Almada, PORTUGAL.

  • Biodiversity Management

    At first glance, the large-scale excavation of raw materials would appear to destroy nature and undermine biodiversity. Yet quarries and gravel pits actually provide an important habitat for plants and animals that are being increasingly displaced by development in other areas. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated that quarries, gravel ...

    By HeidelbergCement based in Heidelberg, GERMANY. from Environment Product line

  • Flows and Tides

    Bridges and road culverts are subjected to considerable stresses during extreme flow events. Our calculations can be used as a basis for dimensioning and impact assessments and can even show the impacts of a changing climate.

    By SMHI International Consulting Services based in Norrköping, SWEDEN. from Building and Construction Product line

  • Environmental Consulting Services

    Achieving sustainable business and corporate responsibility goals is not just good for the environment; it’s good for the bottom line. Whether you need an impact assessment or complete lifecycle partner, Pöyry’s comprehensive environmental consulting services will enable you to forecast and analyse the environmental impact of ...

    By Pöyry PLC based in VANTAA, FINLAND. from Other Product line

  • Leaching eXpert System

    LeachXS is a database/expert decision support system for characterization and environmental impact assessment based on estimated contaminant release as derived from leaching tests. Applicable materials for assessment include: Soils and Contaminated Soil, Sludge, Compost, Sediments, Municipal Wastes, Industrial and Hazardous Wastes, Mining Wastes, ...

    By Energy research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) based in Petten, NETHERLANDS.

  • Scentroid - Model DR300 - SAMPLING DRONE

    Scentroid DR300 Sampling drone adds a new dimension to air sampling. The DR300 Sampling drone can be used to sample ambient air at heights of up to 125 meters above ground level or directly sample from stack plumes. Height sampling and direct plume sampling opens a new avenue that can be used to increase accuracy of emission and impact ...

    By Scentroid, a Division of IDES Canada. based in Stouffville, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Sampling Equipment Product line

  • Projects On Consultancy

    We provide the following services on consultancy basis. Support services to satisfy Regulatory Requirements to Best Comply with Environmental Standards. Environmental Study Report Preparation (for New Road Formation, Road Widening & Road Strengthening, Construction Projects, Ports, Harbours, Jetties, Airport Terminals, Airport Runways). ...

    By ENVIROCENTRE based in Chennai, INDIA.

  • EddyCus CF map (MPECS) - Device for Structure Analysis of Carbon Fibers

    The EddyCus CF map (former MPECS) is designed to create high resolution conductivity mappings and impedance analysis for quality control of various materials and structures. An optimized system for testing of carbon fiber materials is provided with specially designed sensors, software modules and test recipes. The system, developed by Fraunhofer ...

    By SURAGUS GmbH based in Dresden, GERMANY. from Carbon Fibers Materials Product line

  • MetOcean - PABLO

    The PABLO Iridium profiling acoustic float was designed and tested to measure environmental acoustic ambient noise. This is performed in order to detect the presence of marine mammals and to assess the impact of noise pollution. In addition, the PABLO can be used to detect subsurface assets, and for military applications.

    By MetOcean Telematics based in Dartmouth, NOVA SCOTIA (CANADA). from Profiler Buoys - Buoys Product line

  • BioSonics - Automated Monitoring Systems

    BioSonics offers unique and innovative solutions to monitor fish passage and assess behavioral impacts on aquatic animals including marine mammals, fish, and diving birds. BioSonics sonar systems are often installed in fixed-position deployments to observe the underwater environment over a period of weeks, months or even years at a time. Such ...

    By BioSonics, Inc. based in Seattle, WASHINGTON (USA). from Hydroacoustic Fish Monitoring Product line

  • IDM Instruments Pty. Ltd. - Model M0015 - Mattress Rollator & Durability Tester

    There are several different methods used in the mattress industry for the evaluation of innerspring and box spring mattresses. The Cornell Type Tester is used to test for firmness and firmness retention, the Mattress Rollator is used to test for durability and the Bedding Impact Tester is used to assess the effect of impact.The MRDT has been ...

    By IDM Instruments Pty Ltd. based in HALLAM, AUSTRALIA.

  • Fluitec - Contiplant – Continuous Reaction Technology

    Owing to the modular design of the Fluitec Contiplant system, it is now an easy matter to test the conversion from batch to continuous reaction processes and assess the economic impact. In many cases, significant business potential can be identified based on the higher concentrations, better temperature control or other process intensification ...

    By Fluitec mixing + reaction solutions AG based in Neftenbach, SWITZERLAND. from In-line Reaction Technology Product line

  • Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP)

    Habitat Conservation Planning (HCP) is becoming a requirement for aquaculture in order to establish controls and measures around the farming environment that ensure that protection of the local biodiversity. Aquaculture operators often find themselves in conflict with local wildlife and the HCP system is designed to create an agreement that ...

    By eAqua Ltd. based in UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Mistras - Model Pocket UT - Portable Ultrasonic Testing System

    MISTRAS offers the innovative Pocket UT®, a battery-operated, handheld, stand-alone, full C-Scan data acquisition system. Its portability and ease of use, coupled with its full A-, B- and C-Scan capabilities and optional TOFD capability, make the Pocket UT® System (along with available companion scanners or other compatible devices) ideal ...

    By Mistras Group Inc based in Princeton Junction, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Portable UT Systems Product line

  • Ecological Risk Assessment Services

    Ecological evaluations and risk assessment are conducted at contaminated sites to address actual impacts or the potential for adverse ecological effects resulting from site related contamination. Ecological Risk Assessment can be used to evaluate the effects of alternative remediation technologies and establish site specific clean-up levels for ...

    By Environmental Systems based in Point Pleasant, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • Marine - Sediment Profiling Cameras

    The Ocean Imaging System (OIS) Sediment Profiling Camera has evolved from the original Model 3731 sediment camera designed at Benthos in the early 1980’s with a 4000 meter depth rating. The original camera was developed in cooperation with Dr. Donald Rhoads and Dr. Joseph Germano who pioneered Sediment Profile Imaging (SPI) at Yale ...

    By Marine Systems Technology, Inc. based in North Falmouth, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from Other Products Product line

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