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  • How do you test for data trends?

    IntroductionA data trend denotes a correlation that exists between concentration and time or spatial location. It can also refer to a variation in the characteristics of a population with another variable in a predictable fashion. Data trends can either take an increasing, decreasing or cyclic format—this article address how to test for data trends with particular emphasis on

  • What is Environmental Sustainability?

    Environmental SustainabilityEnvironmental sustainability allows the demands of humanity to be met without imperiling the capability of future generations to meet their needs.Assuming that Eric wants ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • CPI Units

    CPI Units

    Ovivo SEP™ CPI units provide oil and water separation for a multitude of industrial wastewater. The unit is designed to remove all free oil from contaminated streams to comply with the most stringent of discharge requirements. Typically, no more than 5mg/l of oil will remain, with no visible sheen.

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  • HIPAA Security and Breach Rule Compliance

    HIPAA Security and Breach Rule Compliance

    With the recent implementation of new HIPAA regulations in the HIPAA Omnibus Update of 2013, healthcare organizations are reviewing their compliance and making sure they have the proper policies, procedures, and forms in place. HIPAA Security Officers have been renewing their compliance activities and reviewing their documentation to make sure they can meet the challenges of the new rules and ...