Environmental Modeling

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  • GENAQ water: certified generation

    GENAQ water: certified generation

    What makes the water produced by GENAQ’s atmospheric generators different? The certification of the generation of our water. The great challenge of our generators is to reproduce the rain process to generate water from the humidity of the air ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Comprehensive Software for Road Traffic Pollution Modeling

    Comprehensive Software for Road Traffic Pollution Modeling

    The ADMS-Roads pollution model is a comprehensive tool for investigating air pollution problems due to networks of roads that may be in combination with industrial sites, for instance small towns or rural road networks. ADMS-Roads combines many of the scientific capabilities of CERC`s air quality management system ADMS-Urban with an easy-to-use interface. Model operation is similar to other ADMS ...

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  • Virtual Water

    Virtual Water

    Expo sites are available to Empower organisations to engage with audiences, promote their brand & generate leads/prospects 24/7 x 365 days a year Virtual Water will provide a visually rich online platform that will enable people from all over the globe to get together to hear the latest updates and share knowledge and technical experiences in a virtual environment. Virtual Water provides ...