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Air Modeling

by Argent Consulting Services, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

ACS Engineering Group’s air environmental consulting team uses air dispersion modeling to predict off-property concentrations resulting from emissions of air pollution. Equations and algorithms are incorporated into various computer models to calculate atmospheric concentrations of pollutants at specific points. ACS Engineering Group uses ...

Model A2AD120 - Air to Air Heat Exchanger

by Thermal Edge Inc.     based in Irving, TEXAS (USA)

Deep Series 33 W/°C air to air heat exchangers for 12″ deep enclosures. 33 W/°C (18 W/°F). Heat pipe technology provides high efficiency in a small package.  Closed loop design to protect sensitive electrical equipment.  Dimensions: 16.5”H x 11”W x 5.5”D. UL listed for standard & hazardous location ...

Blueair - Model 403 - Air Purifier System

by     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

The Blueair 403 HEPA Air Purifier incorporates the Swedish design that reflects the successful styling and design concept of popular Blueair 503 air purifier. It is a helpful tool for combating allergy and asthma symptoms in smaller rooms as the 503 unit; the 403 air purifier is sleek, compact and quiet. To minimize the noise and maximize the ...

Model 1AM (SS) - Stainless Steel Air Motors

by Gast Manufacturing, Inc.     Distributor in TEXAS (USA)

Stainless Steel Air Motors offer fully sealed operation with two basic models ranging from .45 to 1.7 HP (0.33 to 1.3 kW) and with motor speeds up to 10,000 RPM.

Model NL22 - Non-Lubricated Air Motors

by Gast Manufacturing, Inc.     Distributor in TEXAS (USA)

Non-lubricated versions, which require absolutely no lubrication, come in three basic models ranging from .18 to 2.5 HP (0.13 to 1.86 kW) and with motor speeds up to 4,000 RPM.

GAST - Model 1AM - Lubricated Air Motors

by Gast Manufacturing, Inc.     Distributor in TEXAS (USA)

Lubricated Air Motors come in seven basic models up to 9.5 HP (7,1 kW); motor speeds are variable from 300 to 10,000 RPM. Choose from hub, foot, face, NEMA C-Flange, or Metric D Series interface mountings and clockwise, counter-clockwise, or reversible rotations; four and eight vane models are also available.

Model 33A - High Performance Air Release & Vacuum Breaker Valve

by Cla-Val     Distributor in TEXAS (USA)

Designed to protect pipelines and vertical turbine pump applications from air lock and vacuum collapse, the Cla-Val Model 33A High Performance Air Release & Vacuum Breaker Valve eliminates air and prevents vacuum formations in in waterworks piping systems. A large venting orifice and large float clearances freely exhaust or admits ...

Model 05 - Mini Water Hammer Arrestors

by Watts Regulator Company     Office in TEXAS (USA)

Series 05 Mini Water Hammer Arrestors are used in light commercial and residential applications to control water pressure shock and prevent water hammer conditions. Series 05 is factory air charged and is not rechargeable. It can be installed in new or existing plumbing systems in concealed locations with a standard pipe tee in any angle. Series ...

OI-520 Calibration Station

by Otis Instruments, Inc.     based in Bryan, TEXAS (USA)

The Otis Instruments, Inc. Model OI-520 Calibration Station is a precision gas blender that simplifies the calibration of air quality instruments. The OI-520 is able to blend a wide range of calibration gas levels from a single cylinder. This feature saves money by substantially reducing the number of calibration gas cylinders required and often ...

Model PD Series - Soil Vapor Extraction Systems

by Product Level Control Inc. (PLC)     Office in Katy, TEXAS (USA)

Product Level Control manufactures a variety of soil vapor extraction (SVE) systems; custom-equipped for optimal on-site performance. By offering flexible system designs and a wide range of available product parts and accessories, we meet your individual project goals for the best possible value. We size and match model type according to your air ...

Shand & Jurs - Model 96900 Series - Hydraulic Pump Unit

by Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering)     Office in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The Shand & Jurs Series 96900 Hydraulic Operators are used specifically to operate Shand & Jurs Internal Safety and Shutoff Valves. These operators are available in different models and supply the hydraulic operating pressure required for valve actuation.

RWC - Model 800036 WBGT - Heat Stress Meter

by RWC Testing & Lab Supplies     based in El Paso, TEXAS (USA)

Government organizations such as OSHA have set recommended heat stress limits for various activities. WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) provides the most accurate determination of the heat stress index based on the cumulative effect of air temperature, air movement, relative humidity, and radiant heat.  WBGT Heat Stress Meter, Model 800036, ...

CPC Model 3782

by TSI Incorporated     Distributor in TEXAS (USA)

The Model 3782 Water-based Condensation Particle Counter (WCPC) detects airborne particles down to 10 nm. Using single particle detection with continuous, live-time, coincidence correction, the Model 3782 measures particle concentration up to 50,000 particles/cm3 with high accuracy. Therefore, this WCPC is quite versatile and well-suited for a ...

CPC Model 3781

by TSI Incorporated     Distributor in TEXAS (USA)

The Model 3781 Water-based Condensation Particle Counter (WCPC) can detect airborne particles down to 6 nm in diameter. Using single particle detection with live-time coincidence correction, the 3781 covers a wide particle concentration range up to 5×105 particles/cm3. It features low cost, small size and light weight and is an ideal choice for ...

Niskin - Model 1010 - Water Sampler

by General Oceanics Inc.     Distributor in Bastrop, TEXAS (USA)

Non-metallic free-flushing sampling bottles activated by GO Devil messenger (1000-MG) when individually or serially attached to hydrocable. Sequential closure by remote command with model 1015 Rosette multibottle array, or with model AR1015 Acoustic Command Control option.

Model R1 - Regenerative Blowers

by Gast Manufacturing, Inc.     Distributor in TEXAS (USA)

The Gast full line of Regenerative Blowers for high volume vacuum or compressed air applications offers both motor-mounted and separate drive models.

NISKIN-X - Model 1010X - External Spring Water Sampler

by General Oceanics Inc.     Distributor in Bastrop, TEXAS (USA)

1010X External Spring Water Sampling Bottles Now you can have the simplicity and reliability of a Niskin water sampler and have a completely unobstructed sample chamber. The new Niskin X utilizes stainless steel external spring closures. The Niskin X Water Sampler can be activated by the GO Devil Messenger (1000-MG) when individually or serially ...

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