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TSI - Model 3076 - Aerosol Generator

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

Aerosol Generator Model 3076 is a Collison-type atomizer that generates aerosols of constant particle size in concentrations over 107 particles/cm3. Its nominal aerosol flow rate is 3.0 L/min. Stainless-steel components make it suitable for the specialized applications listed below, in additon to basic aerosol research.

Process Aerosol Monitor

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

The Process Aerosol Monitor (PAM) measures high-concentration, monodisperse aerosol, like that produced with our Model 3475 Condensation Monodisperse Aerosol Generator (CMAG) or other Sinclair-LaMer-type generators. The PAM is a process instrument that monitors aerosols on-line, measuring particle size and concentration in real time. It validates ...

Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling (CFD)

by Callidus Technologies - part of UOP, a Honeywell Company     based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

We use Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling (CFD) to provide products that can meet increased efficiency and decreased emissions needs.  Our simulations can answer difficult questions with precision and speed, reducing the need for physical testing. Used alone or in conjunction with physical testing at our industrial scale test facility, ...

ESDV - Model Air 2.0 - Single Chimney Emission Analyzer

by ESDV - Environmental Software & Digital Visualization     based in Sao Carlos, BRAZIL

Single Chimney Emission Analyaer (Air2.0) is a simple numerical tool for modeling and analyzing atmospheric dispersion, caused by single point source, on various Windows Platforms. The model is based on the formulations of Gauss and Holland, taking into account different environmental characteristics and conditions of source emissions.


by Bluewater Bio     based in UNITED KINGDOM

Dynamic odour emission modelling software for wastewater treatment systems. ODOURsim is a powerful and revolutionary windows based software package specifically developed for the modelling and simulation of odours generated in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants. The software enables dynamic odour formation and emission modelling ...

Turbogir System

by Syntal Italy Srl     based in Borgo Priolo (PV), ITALY

Turbogir is a system that allows the delivery of water solutions, using their spray, produced by centrifugal force. These solutions can be disinfectants, pesticides or deodorizers. The casting powder is obtained by spraying aqueous solutions against a stainless steel disc that rotates in the opposite direction to the motion of a powerful fan, ...

Vortab - Model VIP - Insertion Panel Flow Conditioner

by Fluid Components International LLC. (FCI)     based in San Marcos, CALIFORNIA (USA)

The VIP (Vortab Insertion Panel) flow conditioner completely neutralizes flow profile irregularities caused by elbows, valves, blowers, compressors, and other flow disturbances that commonly occur in piping and duct runs and cause flow meter inaccuracies. The VIP provides a swirl-free, symmetric and repeatable flow profile that flow meters require ...

Netafim - Nylon and PVC Valves

by Netafim USA     based in Fresno, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Nylon and PVC Valves offer structural simplicity and superior hydraulic performance for surface or subsurface agricultural applications. The valves operate by pipeline or external pressure and the reinforced rubber diaphragm seals the water passage when the line pressure reaches the valve’s control chamber. They are simple to install with ...

amBiocell - Aerobic Composting Bio-Cells

by Ambientalia S.r.l     based in Toscanella di Dozza, ITALY

AmBiocell is a technology devised, developed and patented by Ambientalia for the aerobic bioxidation of organic material and for accelerated maturation of compost.The organic part of the solid urban waste (previously selected) is suitably mixed with structuring material (woodchip) if the material to be stabilised consists of damp waste from ...

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