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InnovaMass - Model 240V - In-line Volumetric Vortex Meter

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Sierra's Model 240V  In-line Volumetric Vortex Meter provides a direct reading of volumetric flow for liquids, steam or constant density gases. Product accuracy is ± 1% of rate for liquids and 0.7% of rate for gases and steam over a 30:1 range.  The Model 220 is hazardous area approved for FM, CSA, ATEX and CE and available in ...

FloBox - Model 951/954 - Digitize Up to Four Analog Mass Flow Controllers

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

Sierra Instruments' FloBox Models 951 and 954 include a compact, single channel device for operation of one mass flow meter or controller and a deluxe, multi-channel device for operation of up to four devices. Designed specifically for use with the Sierra Model 830 flow meters and Model 840 flow controllers, both of these powerful digital systems ...

Flow Splitter Model 3708

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

The Flow Splitter directs an aerosol sample to as many as four destinations at once. This accessory is especially useful when performing instrument comparison or calibration experiments. Smooth flow transitions provide equal flow distribution. Stainless-steel construction and an electropolished interior prevent the aerosol from being contaminated. ...

FlowTrak - In-line Flow Conditioning Plates

by Sierra Instruments, Inc.     based in Monterey, CALIFORNIA (USA)

FlowTrak is an economical solution to problems associated with monitoring flow installations where long, straight runs of piping are not available. Extensive real-world testing and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) modeling has determined: Optimal spacing between each conditioning plate for each pipe size. Perforation diameter. Spacing of each ...

Low-Flow Thermodenuder Model 3065

by TSI Incorporated     based in Shoreview, MINNESOTA (USA)

The presence of volatile particles and their precursors in particulate exhaust emissions can have great influence over the size measurement when the exhaust cools and dilutes. The Low-Flow Thermodenuder removes precursors and volatile particles from an aerosol sample for subsequent measurement of dry particle size. It is optimized for use with TSI ...

Kytola Instruments - Model ExH-ExK - Multi-Block Variable Area Flow Meter Model

by Kytola Instruments Oy     based in Muurame, FINLAND

Variable area flow meter Model ExK is a high quality acrylic multi-tube flow meter. It is a reliable and easy to read instrument for measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows. It is available in single-tube and multi-tube version with many options. Model ExK is equipped with flow adjustment valves on the outlet and is also available in ...

Kytola Instruments - Multi-Tube Variable Area Flow Meter Model VE-x

by Kytola Instruments Oy     based in Muurame, FINLAND

Variable area flow meter Model VE-x is a sturdy industrial flow meter with a heavy-duty impact resistant polymer flow tube. It has a flow adjustment valve on the outlet. It comes in a range of different options and offers a choice of end blocks — aluminum, stainless steel AISI 316 or polyamide. It is a reliable instrument for measuring and ...

Kytola Instruments - Model HV, HK, HT - Variable Area Flow Meter Model HV, HK, HT

by Kytola Instruments Oy     based in Muurame, FINLAND

Variable area flow meters Model HK, HT and HV are industrial flow meters. They have an injection molded impact resistant flow tube with threaded or socket type connections. They are a reliable instrument for measuring and monitoring liquid and gas flows. Typical applications are reverse osmosis, water treatment plants, chemical and process ...

Singer Valve - Model 106/206-2SC-MV - Electronic Flow Control and Metering System

by Singer Valve Inc.     based in Surrey, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CANADA)

The Singer models 106-2SC-MV and 206-2SC-MV electronic flow control and metering valves are based on the 106-PG or 206-PG main valve. The pressure in the upper operating chamber is controlled by operating the pilot solenoids. The PLC within the MV1-TP control panel determines whether the opening solenoid or the closing solenoid is operated. The ...

Dwyer - Model 530 - Vane Operated Air Flow Switch

by Dwyer Instruments Inc     based in Michigan City, INDIANA (USA)

The Model 530 air flow switch provides excellent sensitivity and reliability at a very reasonable price. Quality features include a rugged die cast body, stainless steel vane and SPDT snap switch. Unit is field adjustable from 400-1600 FPM. Mounting is fast and simple, with only two screws needed. Vane fits 6 in. or larger ducts.

Eclipse - Model 706 - High Performance Guided Wave Radar Transmitter

by Magnetrol Environmental, L.P.     based in Downers Grove, ILLINOIS (USA)

The NEW Eclipse Model 706 high performance transmitter is a loop-powered, 24 VDC level transmitter that is based upon the proven and increasingly accepted technology of guided wave radar (GWR). Encompassing a number of significant engineering accomplishments, this leading edge level transmitter is designed to provide measurement performance well ...

Model 001 & 002 - Open Channel Flow Meters

by Valeport Ltd     based in Totnes, UNITED KINGDOM

The Valeport ‘Braystoke’ Model 001 and Model 002 flow meters provide a cost effective and reliable method of monitoring flow in a variety of environments, including salt, fresh and effluent water, from shallow streams to tidal waterways. The meters benefit from the design of the impeller bearings, which give low threshold velocity and ...

Top-Trak - Model 822S & 824S - Economical Analog Stainless Steel Mass Flow Meters

by Absolute Systems Inc.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The Model 822S and Model 824Sare 316 stainless steel versions of our popular Model 822 and Model 824 economical nylon MFM’s. Our Model 822S and Model 824Sare a favourite among customers who want cost-effective mass flow measurement but must have stainless steel construction.  Both models are ideal for measurement of most clean dry gases ...

Agrose - Pump Models for Garden Sprayers

by Agrose Agricultural Machinery     based in Konya, TURKEY

Code : MTS - 230 N. The Number Of Membranes : 2. Flow : 30. Pressure : 35. Cycle : 540.

Allborg - Low Cost GFM Mass Flow Meter

by Absolute Systems Inc.     based in Edmonton, ALBERTA (CANADA)

The enhanced model GFM is a low cost self-contained Thermal Mass Flowmeter, designed to accurately measure the flowrates of gases. A tiltable LCD readout is built into the top of the meter. Readings are in direct engineering units in terms of specific gases. Remote reading installations are possible by means of an optional extension wire supplied ...

Enviro - Model 600 Series - RPD Circulator

by Dagaz Environmental Inc.     based in Saskatoon, SASKATCHEWAN (CANADA)

The Enviro 600 Series is our most efficient wind powered circulator with a specially designed head and tail system for optimum power performance even under low wind conditions. The circulator floats on the surface of water or wastewater and utilizes 6 radially oriented floats for optimum stability and superior flow velocity. The flotation system ...

BIF - Model 20183 - Fabricated Universal Venturi Tube (UVT)

by BIF     based in Akron, OHIO (USA)

The Model 20183 Fabricated Venturi is a very flexible primary element used in Water and Waste water application as well as a number of industrial and power applications. it is available in line sizes from 1' to 126' and greater

Vögtlin - Model V-100 - Classical Variable Area Flow Meter

by Vögtlin Instruments AG     based in Aesch BL, SWITZERLAND

V-100 is a classical variable area flow meter for gases and liquids. Note in particular the many models, the great flexibility and the extensive options

Model 770-U - Flow Control Valve

by BERMAD, Inc.     based in Houston, TEXAS (USA)

The Model 770-U Flow Control Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that maintains pre-set maximum flow, regardless of fluctuating demand or varying system pressure.

BIF - Model 20181 - Universal Venturi Tube (UVT)

by BIF     based in Akron, OHIO (USA)

The Model 20181 Universal Venturi Tube (UVT) is a differential producing, primary measurement device for accurately metering water, sewage, air and other fluids for both municipal and industrial applications. The UVT is a multipurpose, short laying length, efficient and economical device that is time proven and unmatched in the industry. It’s ...

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