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  • Lux Illuminance Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Lux Illuminance Sensor

    By EKO Instruments

    The MS-020S-O illuminance sensor is an all-weather sensor with a customized detector sensitivity for outdoor high light level applications. The built-in interference filter in conjunction with the detectors spectral ...

  • Automatic Sky Scanner
    Showcase Product

    Automatic Sky Scanner

    By EKO Instruments

    The automatic Sky Scanner MS-321LR is designed only to measure Luminance and Radiance of the sky hemisphere. The sensor has 2 highly sensitive detectors which respond to the low light levels of the diffuse sky and will ...

  • All Sky Imager Camera System
    Showcase Product

    All Sky Imager Camera System

    By EKO Instruments

    The ASI-16 Basic All Sky Imager is an automatic full sky camera system with a 180° field of view. It provides high-resolution images, both as pre-scheduled network stored JPGs and as a video live stream. The ASI-16 ...

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