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  • Seawater RO Plant Design: Critical Criteria to Consider

    Seawater RO Plant Design: Critical Criteria to Consider

    When designing anything, whether it be a machine, a program, or a process, there are always a few key factors to consider that can determine the validity of the design. Over the past decade, water and wastewater treatment methods have been focused on developing solutions for the water scarcity epidemic with extra emphasis on sustainability. Seawater RO plant design requires careful analysis with ...

  • Otterbourne - Drinking Water Intake - Case Study

    Location: Otterbourne, Hampshire, UkProject Date: 2007Project: Drinking Water IntakeProduct: SpaSpecies: Salmon SmoltOtterbourne Water Treatment works is located north of Southampton in Hampshire and ...


  • Bioprotect - Screening, Fish & Jellyfish

    Bioprotect - Screening, Fish & Jellyfish

    A continuous supply of seawater is essential for the operation of every coastal industrial plant. In the past period, high-density patches of jellyfish have again been observed at sea along the Omani coastline. This had a significant impact on ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Traveling Water Screen

    Traveling Water Screen

    Traveling water screens are one of the most cost-effective means for fine screening of raw water. They are used in all types of applications where continuous raw water intake screening is required and protection of downstream equipment is critical.