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  • The rise of the robots: 3 key trends we are seeing in metal manufacturing

    Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) are at the heart of a new era in manufacturing, the drive to digitise industry. In many industries, robots and AI already take a crucial and prevalent role – improving accuracy and consistency, shortening throughput and enhancing product quality. And this is on the increase for the metals industry, both on the factory floor but also in the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Rugged, Portable Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System

    Rugged, Portable Expeditionary Fluid Analysis System

    The Spectro FieldLab 58 is a rugged, portable expeditionary fluid analysis system that gives operators in the field the ability to perform comprehensive, mobile lubricant sampling. The battery-powered device enables complete lubricant assessment for condition monitoring and rapid results that permit informed maintenance decisions. It takes only 3 ml of oil to perform a comprehensive oil analysis ...