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  • Importance of Dust Control Polymer For Mine Tailings

    Importance of Dust Control Polymer For Mine Tailings

    While separating the minerals from the ore, the residue is a concern for the environment. Tailings are the leftover material after the process. Mine tailings are toxic therefore are recommended to be kept away from the environment. While leaching, the chances are high that the toxic material might get into the water. It pollutes the streams and leads to destructive environmental conditions. The ...


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  • Fugitive Emissions Filtration Units

    Fugitive Emissions Filtration Units

    Our Busch brand Fugitive Emissions Filtration units (FEF) provide secondary emissions control of metallurgical fumes. They are custom designed to fit your specified space dimensions, wiring and connection requirements, and construction material, thereby ensuring optimal performance, efficiency, and operational costs.