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Geographical Information equipment for Environmental Management

  • MapStar TruAngle - Precisely Measure Horizontal Angles Encoder

    The MapStar TruAngle, like its predecessor - the MapStar Angle Encoder (MSAE), precisely calculates a turned horizontal angle that can be referenced to any desired point or direction. When integrated with an LTI laser, you can capture X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping and surface modeling. With a smaller and lighter weight design, a ...

    By Laser Technology Inc (LTI) based in Centennial, COLORADO (USA). from Precisely Measure Horizontal Angles Encoder Product line

  • Marathon Oil - Digital Oilfield Technology

    Marathon Oil launched digital oilfield capabilities in our South Texas Eagle Ford asset in 2016 to boost operational reliability, production for sale and team efficiency. In 2017, Eagle Ford achieved production gains, efficiency improvements and other benefits from the digital oilfield. Using lessons learned in Eagle Ford, our North Dakota Bakken ...

    By Marathon Oil Corporation based in Houston, TEXAS (USA).

  • Model DKS-96 GPS - Gamma And Neutron Measurements System

    Carrying out the alpha, beta, gamma, neutron measurements with reference to coordinates of GPS;

    By QRV Systems sro based in Praha, CZECH REPUBLIC. from Gamma And Neutron Measurements System Product line

  • 3D Laser Scanners

    The most widely used scanning technology used by our team and the industry is 3D laser scanning. A laser line emitted is being watched by a camera at an angle to generate 3D data. Usually a device tracks the location of the 3D Laser Scanner in space and can even be operated within the processing software. Most of the system is self-adjusting so it ...

    By Exact Metrology based in Cincinnati, OHIO (USA). from 3D Laser Scanners Product line

  • Biodiversity Information Systems

    Bio3 uses Geographical Information Systems (GIS) linked to databases to model and develop WebGIS tools applied to Biodiversity. These tools are used also in the Environmental Impact Assessment procedure. Bio3 also develops specific Information Systems, especially tools to organize, manage and promote biodiversity data. Our approach for developing ...

    By Bio3, Lda. based in Almada, PORTUGAL.

  • WebHyPro

    WebHyPro provides excellent decision support for people/decision-makers who are dependent on different weather and water parameters for their business operations. The system presents meteorological and hydrological observations, model calculations and forecasts in real time. WebHyPro is web based and easy to reach for the user.

    By SMHI International Consulting Services based in Norrköping, SWEDEN. from WebHyPro Product line

  • E2M Geocoding Web-Solution

    An accurate location for addresses is the key to successful location-driven analyses, such as geo-demographic planning and targeting, supply-demand evaluation, goods delivery management, as well as many others. Several approaches exist to get a geographic location for an address but the most cost effective method still remains the Address ...

    By Earth-To-Map GIS Inc. (E2MGIS) based in Ottawa, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Sensors & Software Noggin - GPR Systems

    Noggin GPR systems have been recognized by leading researchers as providing the highest quality GPR data in the world.  They are also built to perform in the most demanding conditions around the globe.

    By Sensors & Software Inc. based in Mississauga, ONTARIO (CANADA).

  • Mapping Our World: GIS Lessons for Educators ArcGIS Desktop Edition

    By Anita M. Palmer, Christine L. Voigt, Lyn Malone, Eileen Napoleon, and Laura Feaster. ESRI Press, 2005. An ideal resource for introducing geographic information system (GIS) technology in the classroom, this book includes 19 complete GIS lesson plans, geographic data for all of the lessons, and a one-year license of ArcView® 9 software. The book ...

  • Community Geography: GIS in Action

    By Kim Z. English and Laura S. Feaster. ESRI Press, 2003. This book provides hands-on study modules which focus on using geographic information system (GIS) technology to address important issues in your community. Each module includes a case study, a companion GIS exercise, and an independent study exercise which can be tailored to a user’s own ...

    By Forestry Suppliers, Inc. based in Jackson, MISSISSIPPI (USA). from Community Geography: GIS in Action Product line

  • MapStar - Laser Positioning Systems

    LTI's MapStar Laser Positioning Systems incorporate TruPulse laser rangefinders, which measure distances and inclination angles, and a MapStar TruAngle which measures angle measurement from any desired reference point. Integrated together brings you the capability to capture X, Y and Z coordinates for complete 3D mapping and surface modeling. A ...

    By Laser Technology Inc (LTI) based in Centennial, COLORADO (USA). from Laser Positioning Systems Product line

  • Mobile Data Management Systems for GIS/Mapping

    Geographic information systems (GIS) capture, manage, and analyze geographically referenced information. To gather GIS data or to create maps using GIS data usually requires that users are out in the field, often in remote locations. And increasingly companies and government agencies are using GIS data to track the location, features and quality ...

    By Handheld Group USA Inc. based in Corvallis, OREGON (USA). from Mobile Data Management Systems for GIS/Mapping Product line

  • Model K300 - Professional GPS System

    K300 is a professional GPS system suitable for measurement of large fields, cartography and GIS that requiring sub-meter accuracy. The model is specific for measures on foot with a pole, or mounting the receiver on a magnetic base fixed on the roof of your vehicle. The device software allows the immediate calculation of the area, the ...

    By GPSKIT srl - agriCAD based in Povegliano Veronese, ITALY. from Professional GPS System Product line

  • Project Portal™ - Powerful Yet Intuitive Cloud-based Software

    Project Portal™ is a powerful yet intuitive cloud-based internet application developed specifically for use in the environmental and energy industries. Project Portal brings together data, documents, schedules and team members to a common meeting place where users are offered intuitive tools to access and manipulate project data. This ...

    By de maximis Data Management Solutions (ddms) based in Saint Paul, MINNESOTA (USA).

  • ms-GIS - Model GeoTaskOrganizer (GTO) - Research, Engineering and International Software

    With more than a decade of GI/IT-experience in the fields of research, engineering and international software projects beginning in 1985, ms.GIS was founded in late 1999 as an Austrian privately held incorporated company. ms.GIS is strictly focused on solutions and services for the management of spatial resources and respective business processes ...

    By ms.GIS Informationssysteme Austria based in Mödling, AUSTRIA.

  • Model Trimble Nomad Series - Handheld GPS Mapping Systems

    The Trimble Nomad series of handhelds offer all-in-one convenience in a device engineered for superior performance in harsh environments. They offer full compatibility with Trimble Mapping & GIS software and a choice of configurations to match your existing workflow. The handhelds feature a powerful 806 MHz processor, 128 MB of RAM, up to 2 GB ...

    By Electronic Data Solutions based in Jerome, IDAHO (USA). from Handheld GPS Mapping Systems Product line

  • VDV - Google Maps Toolkit

    VDV Gmap toolkit allows users to publish their data onto Google Map.  This feature gives the data accurate geographical position.  Users can see latest values, view a historical data as Graphs and save data as a text file.

    By Vista Engineering / Vista Data Vision based in Reykjavik, ICELAND.

  • 52 BT - Portable Toxicity Screen (PTS) Platform Technology

    The PTS platform technology is designed to detect Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). These are the carcinogenic and widely found toxic compounds in oil spills, brownfield sites, area surrounding removed (underground) storage tanks, gasworks sites with coal tar residues, etc. The PTS has also been found to detect the wider Total ...

    By 52 BioTechnology Ltd. based in Uxbridge, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Geographical Information Systems

    Ambiental offers highly competitive GIS training courses and consultancy for our clients in a variety of industry sectors. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are used to store, retrieve, view, analyse and report on spatial data. This data can relate to any characteristic which varies spatially. For example, data relating to topography, soils, ...

    By Ambiental Technical Solutions based in Falmer, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Model B7020 - Backpack, GPS w/ Metal Frame & Stand

    This backpack is designed for larger older model GPS receivers requiring separate internal pockets for receiver, radio modem and power supply. Also suitable for users of smaller receivers if extra space is required for custom accessories or system storage. Features a heavy-duty free standing aluminum frame with two SurLoc antenna pole extensions ...

    By Hixon Mfg. & Supply Co. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA). from Backpack, GPS w/ Metal Frame & Stand Product line

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