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Groundwater Remediation equipment for Environmental Management

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    Compass Remediation - Hydrogen Peroxide for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    Compass supplies hydrogen peroxide in drums, IBC totes, and bulk tankers and can provide a range of solutions (from 4% to 50% depending on packaging requested/required) to meet your site's need.

    By Compass Remediation Chemicals based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

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    Compass Remediation - Potassium Permanganate for Soil and Groundwater Remediation

    Compass offers delivery of both standardly packaged and custom blended solutions of potassium permanganate directly to your site, eliminating the need for on-site mixing and the health and safety concerns that go along with it. As mixing potassium permanganate on-site can be challenging, many choose to mix this chemical off-site. Our permanganates ...

    By Compass Remediation Chemicals based in Austin, TEXAS (USA).

  • MAGRO - Magnesium Peroxide

    The oxygen release compound, commonly known as Magnesium Peroxide (MgO2), raises the dissolved oxygen concentration of aquifers, thereby creating conditions which may stimulate indigenous, petrophilic microbes to aerobically degrade petroleum contamination to carbon dioxide and water. Typical environmental remediation applications: soil ...

    By Kingsfield Inc. based in Old Tappan, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Magnesium Peroxide Product line

  • EOS - Model QR - Quick Release Soluble Substrate

    EOSQR is a quick release soluble substrate for rapid fermentation and short-lived electron donor addition. EOSQR is designed to pre-condition the aquifer creating a highly reducing redox state and initiate enhanced anaerobic dechlorination of contaminated groundwater. EOSQR serves as an excellent pre-treatment prior to an emulsified oil substrate ...

    By EOS Remediation, LLC based in Raleigh, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Quick Release Soluble Substrate Product line

  • Thermaldyne - Reclamation Plant

    Thermaldyne’s reclamation plant design separates oil bearing material into treated water, reclaimable assets and solids. It benefits oil refineries nationwide. Currently, the company is actively breaking ground on plants in the Southeast with additional sites planned nationwide.

    By Thermaldyne based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA).


    ZEBRA is a leader in the environmental industry for In Situ Injections, and continues to develop new technologies to stay on the technical front of soil and groundwater remediation. In Situ injections represent a dramatic shift in recent years in the environmental remediation industry. It was recognized early on that using direct push technology ...

    By Zebra Environmental Corporation based in Lynbrook, NEW YORK (USA).

  • AutoPump - Model AP4+ - High Viscosity Specialty Pump

    The AutoPump AP4+ High Viscosity Model is designed to pump thick, viscous liquids. Its air-powered operation is safe and dependable under conditions that challenge other pumps. While this pump is designed to pump viscous liquids up to 7,000 cSt, it is capable of delivering flow rates up to 6.4 gpm (24 Lpm) when pumping water or a liquid with a ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from High Viscosity Specialty Pump Product line

  • Groundwater Remediation System

    In-situ-technologies for contaminant elimination. Sensatec provides the technical, scientific and organisational expertise to plan and execute remediation projects for the restoration of large contaminated sites. We are proud to call numerous large companies from industry our clients. We firmly believe that choosing the most appropriate ...

    By Sensatec GmbH based in Kiel, GERMANY. from Groundwater Remediation System Product line

  • edenfern - Phytoremediation

    The phytoremediation approach is making a difference in many industries. Learn more about Edenspace's products for plant remendiation, including the edenfern hyperaccumulator.

    By Edenspace Systems Corporation based in Purcellville, VIRGINIA (USA).

  • AutoPump - Model AP4 Ultra - High Temperature Specialty Pump

    QED’s special AutoPump AP4 Ultra models are available to pump fluids up to 250 ºF, and are already proven in service. These high temperature pumps use the highly reliable AutoPump core design and proprietary Ultra non-stick finishes, but add specialized materials of construction to extend the upper temperature limit. The end result is a ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from High Temperature Specialty Pump Product line

  • Pump Pull E - Pump Extractor

    Pull pumps faster from landfill and remediation wells to reduce downtime and increase productivity while protecting field personnel from injury. Removing pumps from landfill gas, leachate or groundwater remediation wells for cleaning or maintenance can be time-consuming, awkward and physically demanding. QED’s Pump Pull E™ Pump ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Pump Extractor Product line

  • Oil field Products and Services

    Bio Blend Technology is pleased to offer specialty blends and services to the oil field, bulk storage and refinery industry. Our products provide an alternative for environmentally responsible companies who appreciate the need to use less toxic sustainable products. Using cutting edge technology, BioBlend products offer the industrial user ...

    By Bio Blend Technologies based in Cantonment, FLORIDA (USA).

  • AutoPump - Model AP4+ - Aggressive Fluids Specialty Pump

    The AutoPump AP4+ Aggressive Fluids Model features upgraded materials for many parts to further extend the service life of the pump and to broaden the range of conditions each model can be used in. All nonmetallic internal parts are PVDF*, a high-grade engineering plastic with higher strength at elevated temperatures and extremely broad chemical ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Aggressive Fluids Specialty Pump Product line

  • Viridian - Model VP - Pneumatic Pumps

    The VP range is a cost effective, ATEX certified, reliable, automatic and long lasting solution to leachate, condensate and contaminated water control problemsVP pumps are fully automatic, self-regulating and require no external form of control.The VP range has a pump to suit most requirements: from the standard VP4 bottom entry to a top loading ...

    By Viridian Systems Ltd based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Gast - Model 1531 - Rotary Vanes (Motor Mounted)

    The easy to install, rugged 1531 Series offers oil-less operation to ensure the discharge air remains free of contamination from lubricants. They produce minimal noise or vibrations, which makes them well suited for noise sensitive environments like medical, dental and laboratory applications. In addition, these compact units offer high flow, ...

    By Gast Manufacturing - a unit of IDEX Corporation based in Benton Harbor, MICHIGAN (USA). from Rotary Vanes (Motor Mounted) Product line

  • Concrete Diaphragm Walls Services

    Diaphragm walls are commonly used in congested areas for retention systems and permanent foundation walls. They can be installed in close proximity to existing structures with minimal loss of support to existing foundations. In addition, construction dewatering is not required, so there is no associated subsidence. Diaphragm walls are created by ...

    By Remedial Construction Services, L.P. (RECON) based in Houston, TEXAS (USA). from Concrete Diaphragm Walls Services Product line

  • Torpedo SlimJim - Pump Systems

    Small diameter pump (4.5” outer housing diameter) is ideal for smaller diameter risers such as cleanouts, collapsed pipes or bent risers. Rounded end, heavy duty Torpedo shroud outperforms and outlasts stainless steel type housings. There are no shroud wheels to break and hamper pump removal. Constructed of special rugged duty pump ...

    By QED Environmental Systems, Inc based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Pump Systems Product line

  • Filter Socks and Canisters Oxygen Release Compound

    When Oxygen Release Compound (ORC) was first commercialized in 1994, it was emplaced into groundwater wells using ORC Filter Socks. Filter socks are permeable, fabric sleeves filled with pure ORC or ORC Advanced® controlled-release oxygen material. Each filter sock is inserted into a colored, Naltex™ Flex-Guard for ease-of-application ...

    By Regenesis based in San Clemente, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Filter Socks and Canisters Oxygen Release Compound Product line

  • Model RMT - Trailer Mounted Groundwater Remediation Systems

    This trailer used a large manifold with 7 solenoid valves controlling 11 and 12 wells each. 82 wells were controlled with this system. The ozone generators are water cooled TG-450 Ozone Generators.

    By Ozone Solutions, Inc. based in Hull, IOWA (USA). from Trailer Mounted Groundwater Remediation Systems Product line

  • Lorivan - Filtertanks

    Lorivan is manufacturer of standard and made-to-mesure filtertanks for the treatment of water and air.

    By Lorivan NV based in Roeselare, BELGIUM.

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