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  • Wet Prairie Restoration & Created Wetland - Case Study

    ERC was hired by the Columbus & Franklin County Metro Parks to restore approximately 75 acres of wetland habitat within a 150year-old farm field. This project included the installation of sediment & erosion controls followed by an extensive search of the agricultural field for subsurface tile drainage.  This was followed by abandonment of the existing tile network.  Once ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Biodegradable Grids

    Biodegradable Grids

    Ecosystem Restoration | Habitat For Biological Water Purification Systems; Growth of some biological water purification systems (like mussels or aquatic plants) requires artificial structures as starting point. But artificial materials can long-term pollute the environment. In search of a functional structure, which does not harm the environment, ENEXIO Water Technologies, Bureau Waardenburg and ...

Upcoming Events

  • Watershed Protection and Military Installations - Webinar

    Watershed Protection and Military Installations - Webinar

    Watershed protection and efforts to buffer military installations from encroachment may share similar conservation goals. This session will highlight several U.S. projects aimed at building capacity for watershed protection within partnerships with military installations using various funding sources. Development threatens the health of watersheds but also affects military readiness and training ...