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  • Fast Fitting Steel To Steel Connection System
    Showcase Product

    Fast Fitting Steel To Steel Connection System

    By Kee Safety, Inc.

    Fast Fit, a product from Beam Clamp range, is an off the shelf engineered clamping solution to connect two steel sections together without the need for on-site drilling or welding. All you need to secure two sections ...

  • Polar Hook Backplate Magnetic System
    Showcase Product

    Polar Hook Backplate Magnetic System

    By Draygon LLC

    Resin adaptor for Polar Magnetic Quick Change System. Fits quickly and securely on the Polar Magnetic Round Backplate. Hook & loop tools including resins, hybrids and metals are held firmly in place with this ...

  • Ram Gene Simulator
    Showcase Product

    Ram Gene Simulator

    By Safe Training Systems Ltd. (STS)

    The STS 812 consists of a real Rotem Ram Gene with added STS electronics STS. The instrument detects the gas given off by the STS simulant, which has been applied to the surface to be monitored. This ...

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  • Applied Critical Fluids GmbH

    Applied Critical Fluids GmbH

    Single-use products (disposables) for pharma and biotechindustry, platinumcured pharma silicone tubing, pharma coupling, sanitary fittings, fittings, ...

  • The Boeing Company

    The Boeing Company

    Boeing is the world`s largest aerospace company and leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners and defense, space and security systems. A top U.S. ...

  • Crean International Facility Management Services

    Crean International provides security solutions to various clients within Afghanistan. We have been operating in Afghanistan for over ten years in ...

  • ManTech Environmental Technology, Inc. (METI)

    ManTech Environmental Technology, Inc. (METI)

    ManTech International Corporation has consistently delivered innovative technology and technical services solutions to federal government customers. ...

  • Wagner Instruments

    Wagner Instruments

    Wagner Instruments celebrates more than 50 years as a manufacturer and domestic/international distributor of precision force measuring instruments ...