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  • Case-Study: Ambient Air Monitoring for Ecotourism

    Case-Study: Ambient Air Monitoring for Ecotourism

    Gujarat Tourism association wanted to monitor the effect of increased tourism on the air quality of the tourist spots in real-time. Oizom installed Polludrone at 5 major tourist spots of Gujarat. The solution gave data of particulates generated, harmful gases released, and an increase in temperature. Gujarat Tourism was able to analyze the environment’s effect on the tourists as well as the ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Subsurface Stormwater Storage

    Subsurface Stormwater Storage

    The StormTank Module 25 Series is the flagship product of the StormTank brand, offering a stormwater management solution rated for extreme load applications. It can be sized and configured to fit nearly any site layout. With up to 97% void space and a stackable design, the system minimizes installation footprint while allowing for management of large volumes of water.