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Articles & Whitepapers

  • Weißenburg - Case Study

    Weißenburg - Case Study

    DynaSand® filters for elimination of micro-pollutants at the wastewater treament plant Weißenburg In October 2017 the wastewater treatment plant Weißenburg was equipped with the fourth treatment stage, consisting of an ozonation and a two-line filtration with activated carbon and sand. The challenge The elimination of micro-pollutants is a rather new topic in wastewater ...


  • How could pollen clean water?

    How could pollen clean water?

    When we hear the word pollen, we most commonly think of hay fever, sneezing and allergic reactions. However, pollen is a largely beneficial component of our environment, aiding in the natural cycles of plant fertilisation and reproduction. But ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • TCR Tecora

    TCR Tecora

    ECHO EMERGENCYHV is the new TCR Tecora® high volume sampler for particulate and micropollutants sampling and monitoring in extreme conditions. TCR Tecora® research division highlighted the need to design a sampling system that can offer a viable solution in emergency or remote situations such as fires, high mountain, isolated areas, contaminated environments to allow PTS/PM10/PM2,5/PM1 ...