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Pollutant Release equipment for Environmental Management

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    EMIT - Comprehensive Emissions Inventory Toolkit

    EMIT is a comprehensive tool for compiling and editing emissions inventories, which allows simple, fast calculation and analysis of emissions.

    By Cambridge Environmental Research Consultants (CERC) based in Cambridge, UNITED KINGDOM. from Emissions Management Product line

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    Eijkelkamp - Model 08.53 - Calcimeter to Determine Carbonate

    The calcimeter by Eijkelkamp Soil & Water is suitable for the simultaneous determination of the carbonate content in 5 samples. Where possible the vulnerable glass was replaced by synthetic materials. Because hydrochloric acid is used a stable and ergonomic design was chosen. The calcimeter is delivered complete with reaction vessels and test ...

    By Eijkelkamp Soil & Water based in Giesbeek, NETHERLANDS. from Laboratory Equipment Product line

  • Model 5124-85-2 - Polycarboxylate Dispersing Agent

    This is a universal EW SC polycarboxylate Dispersing Agent. It is composed of strong hydrophobic skeleton of the long chain and hydrophilic anionic groups formed by grafting copolymer structure with the characteristics of the polymer compounds. Effectively prevent the agglomeration and sedimentation between particles,reduce the viscosity, so that ...

    By Jiangxi Tiansheng New Materials Co.,Ltd based in QingYuan District, JI`AN City, CHINA. from Dispersing Agent Product line

  • Model WT Series - Water Gate Barrier

    The WT barrier has release holes to allow pollution to be controlled in watercourses, whilst allowing fresh water to flow. It can be used in conjunction with oil sorbents to control spills. The barrier features openings at its base that can be operated to let clean water flow through. The pollutant is collected at the surface where it builds up ...

    By Flood Protection Solutions Ltd based in Nottingham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Water Gate Barrier Product line

  • Stripping Tower

    The sewage to deal it is pumped in the upper part of the tower and sprayed down to the bottom, there it meets the air flow in counter-current pushed by the fan. This phase allows of the passage from the liquid status to the gaseous one of the polluting. The air then passes through a chemical Scrubber for the cleaning of the polluting to reach the ...

    By Ecowair based in Santorso, ITALY. from Air Treatments Product line

  • Model No. WM271 - Meteorological Parameters

    Reliable information of wind movements is a critical requirement for air quality management. Polluting gases and particulates released from elevated industrial stacks disperse by a variety of mechanisms and by the time the pollutants reach ground level their concentration is reduced to a fraction of the emitted level. The extent of dispersion and ...

    By Envirotech Instruments Pvt. Ltd. (EIPL) based in New Delhi, INDIA.

  • VOC - Concentration System

    VOC concentration and its technology: At very low VOC concentrations in large air flows it is better, from an operational point of view, to adsorb pollutants using a suitable adsorbent material i.e. zeolites and then release and purify the pollutants in a substantially reduced air flow (10 times smaller). This method also allows the size of the ...

    By VOC Technology based in Örnsköldsvik, SWEDEN.

  • Absolent - Model A 10 - Oil Smoke Filter

    A•10 is best suited for CNC machines, swiss machines and grinding machines that are running with high speeds and high coolant pressures. It can also be adapted to fit the requirements of different applications. This makes it our smartest filter unit yet.

    By Absolent AB based in Lidköping, SWEDEN. from A Line - Oil Smoke Filter Product line

  • PureTECH - Granular Filter Media Integrating Saturation Indicator

    The granulated chemical pollutants PureTECH trap is an innovative filter media with a unique trapping capacity. The material has a surface area similar to active carbon. Impregnation “in the bulk” of its pore allows an irreversible chemical pollutants trapping at once without any releasing.

    By ETHERA based in Crolles, FRANCE.

  • Airwise - Air Purifier

    Experts warn that breathing the air in our homes and workplaces is even more dangerous than outdoor air pollution. According to the EPA, indoor air is 2–5 times more polluted than outdoor air. And an indoor air pollutant is 1,000 times more likely to reach your lungs than an outdoor pollutant!

    By Waterwise, Inc based in Leesburg, FLORIDA (USA). from Air Purifier Product line

  • HydroScreen - Model FSRB - Fine Bar Screen

    There are thousands of old overflows in sewer networks. When it rains, this is how considerable quantities of pollution, like sanitary articles, paper and synthetics, reach our waters. Old overflows are often at the performance limit of today’s design, which is why reconstruction through extending the overflow crest is often necessary when ...

    By Steinhardt GmbH Wassertechnik based in Taunusstein, GERMANY. from Screening Product line

  • In Situ Chemical Technology

    EUREMTECH is skilled & experienced for any commercial chemical reagent.

    By Euremtech based in Zelzate, BELGIUM.

  • Carbon Rotary Kiln Waste Heat Boiler

    Our company’s carbon kiln waste heat boilers adopt vertical inverted II structure, furnace structure is novel with excellent performance. We mainly manufacture two series natural circulation water tube waste heat recovery boiler, i.e. carbon rotary kiln waste heat boiler and tank type carbon waste heat boiler.

    By Zhengzhou Boiler Co., Ltd. (ZBG) based in Zhengzhou, CHINA. from Waste Heat Boiler Product line

  • Simplewell - VOC Emission Chamber for Automotive Interior

    The coated stainless steel obviously improves the adsorption capacity of the high-boiling-point materials and polar compounds in test chamber. The chamber absorbs over 80% of tetradecane and 4-phenyl-1-cyclohexene.

    By Simplewell Technology Co.,Ltd based in Dongguan City, CHINA. from VOC Test Chamber Product line

  • Hammer Crusher

    The crusher is widely used in fields of metallurgy, construction, hydropower project, cement making, chemical engineering and mining. It can be used to crush dry or wet material like limestone, cinder, coal with fracture strength less than 150MPa and humidity less than 15%.

    By Shanghai Xiazhou Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. based in Shanghai, CHINA. from Crusher Equipment Product line

  • Fumes Depuration Plants

    CA.M.I. designs projects, manufactures and installs purification plants for the  removal of  fume pollution  which is released from industrial process kilns applied in the sectors of : raw materials, glass industry, ceramic industry, food industry, incinerators, wood, aluminium, cast iron, plastic, brick, sanitary industries and ...

    By CAMI Depurazioni S.r.l. based in Fiorano Modenese (MO), ITALY.

  • Instalmec - Dry Inline Gluing System for Fibre

    Our gluing system is even more effective if the wood fibre is treated after gluing by our special fibre sifter, i.e. Instalmec High Efficiency MDF Cleaner, which contributes to a perfect and homogeneous surface of the panel, keeping it free from the common black spots due to glue/resin lumps. The final result is an MDF panel whose surface and ...

    By Instalmec srl based in Giorgio di Nogaro (Udine), ITALY. from Plants - Dry Inline Gluing System for Fibre Product line

  • Cryogenic Rubber

    The cryogenic process features instantaneous impact on the polymers that make up the rubber, as they are cooled by liquid nitrogen to -80ºC under an inert atmosphere, resulting in granules with “cuboid-type morphology”: smooth faces, very small pore density and having a glossy appearance, similar to a “closed”/ ...

  • Cryoflex - Cryogenic Rubber Granulate

    CRYOFLEX is a cryogenic rubber granulate, developed for the infilling of high performance artificial turf fields. This product results from a cryogenic process. The cryogenic process does neither degrade, chemically or thermally, the molecular chains of rubber polymers nor their vulcanization condition. Result is granules with “cuboid-type ...

  • Unterland - Waste Wrap

    Unterland Waste Wrap is a film which has been especially developed for packaging waste. Thanks to our many years of experience in the area of agriculture and cutting-edge technology this is the optimal way to transport waste cleanly or to store it for a length of time. If the bales are wrapped according to instructions with at least 4 layers (six ...

    By Coveris Flexibles Austria GmbH based in Langkampfen (AT), AUSTRIA. from Other Product line

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