Pollution Prevention

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Case-Study: Smart-Campus Air Quality Monitoring in Palava

    Case-Study: Smart-Campus Air Quality Monitoring in Palava

    To make Palava City Management Association (PCMA) the Most Livable City in India, the authorities needed a comprehensive air monitoring solution to create awareness about the environmental health of the Campus. Oizom deployed Air Quality solutions at strategic locations. The authorities were able to create awareness amongst the citizens on the ambient air quality and offer suggestive actions. The ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Patented Self-Powered Drum Screen

    Patented Self-Powered Drum Screen

    This patented self-powered drum screen is ideal for applications such as storm water tank discharges, pumping station overflows, sewage treatment plant by-passes, and small combined sewer overflows. The Cyclone achieves 100 percent removal of ¼-in. (6-mm) particles for two dimensions. Designed to be virtually maintenance free, the Cyclone has a projected 20-year life. Download the product ...

Upcoming Events

  • Auditor's Workshop: Managing Environmental Compliance

    Auditor's Workshop: Managing Environmental Compliance

    Managing your company's environmental compliance means reducing exposure to unnecessary environmental risks. When it comes to potential savings that can be identified through an environmental audit, an auditor can examine the facility's environmental records and the organization's environmental policies and regulatory responsibilities. Companies with good environmental management systems ...