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Industrial Noise Control Products

by NEVA Associates     Office in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

NEVA Associates has extensive experience in mitigating noise from a specific source as well as using engineered noise control systems to permit companies to eliminate 'Hearing Conservation Programs'. Acoustic materials suitable for all environments are available, from clean rooms to offices to manufacturing plant environments. NEVA will visit your ...

SorbaSet - Patented Universal Absorbent and Solidifier

by SorbTech Mfg, Inc. - a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST)     based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Universal SorbaSet Patented Universal Absorbent/Solidifier for Emergency Spill Response Universal SorbaSet is a dry powder, single package absorbent/solidifier that can be used to treat hazardous liquid spills. No special tools or equipment are required. Meets EPA (RCRA) requirements for land burial of hazardous wastes. Effective in reducing ...

OMNI-DAM - Diking Kit

by SorbTech Mfg, Inc. - a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST)     based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

The OMNI-DAM Diking Kit is a complete system for the containment of a wide variety of liquid spills. Simple to use, simply moisten with water and mold in place. Solidified dikes are legal for burial. Absorbent diking compounds cannot be buried. The kit contains four 48“ x 4“ OMNI-DAM booms for aggressive liquids. This rapid set ...

Atlantic - Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Disks

by Horizon Technology, Inc.     based in Salem, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Horizon Technology 'Certified for Automation', Atlantic SPE Disks are QC tested in our labs to guarantee that you receive the highest quality results when used in conjunction with the Horizon Technology SPE-DEX 4790 Automated Extractor.

Mercury Magnet - Amalgamation Spill Powder

by SorbTech Mfg, Inc. - a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST)     based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Mercury Magnet Amalgamation Spill Powder - A safe and effective method to suppress mercury vapors and amalgamate hazardous mercury-bearing spills. Designed for a quick response to leaks, spills or infectious wastes. Mercury Magnet powder is the ideal solution for the proper decontamination and clean up of mercury spills. Engineered for a quick ...

Flue Gas Conditioning (FGC) Systems

by Fuel Tech, Inc.     Office in Hooksett, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Flue Gas Conditioning systems improve the performance of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs). Fly ash precipitators do not operate effectively when there is an insufficient amount of sulfur trioxide (SO3) present in the flue gas. By injecting SO3 and, in some cases, ammonia into the flue gas the performance of Electrostatic Precipitators (ESPs) is ...

SorbaSet - Model S - Acid Spill Powder

by SorbTech Mfg, Inc. - a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST)     based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

SorbaSet S Acid Spill Powder - A safe and effective method to quickly neutralize and solidify hazardous acid spills including battery acid (electrolyte). SorbaSet S is a patented acid neutralizer/solidifier specifically formulated to treat spills of mineral and organic acids including, but not limited to: sulfuric, hydrochloric, nitric, ...

NOxOUT and HERT SNCR Systems

by Fuel Tech, Inc.     Office in Hooksett, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

The NOxOUT process is a urea-based Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) process for reduction of oxides of nitrogen (NOx) from stationary combustion sources. The process requires precisely engineered injection of stabilized urea liquor into combustion flue gas temperatures as high as 2500ºF. Fuel Tech customizes the design and injection ...

Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)

by Fuel Tech, Inc.     Office in Hooksett, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

The rehabilitation of existing Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) systems is a cost effective means of improving the performance of aging equipment, thereby regaining lost efficiency and meeting emissions restrictions. Retrofits to ESP systems minimize capital expenditures, eliminate risks inherent when bringing new equipment on line, as well as, ...

I-NOx™ Integrated NOx Control Technologies

by Fuel Tech, Inc.     Office in Hooksett, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Fuel Tech’s I-NOx™ Integrated NOx Reduction System combines proven technologies for cost-effective NOx control from the point of combustion to the stack. These combined technologies may be applied as a retrofit solution for existing units or may be new generating units, capable of NOx reduction exceeding 80%. The front end of an I-NOx ...

GSG™ Graduated Straightening Grid for SCR performance improvements

by Fuel Tech, Inc.     Office in Hooksett, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Until now the traditional solution has been to use many large turning vanes along with a straightening grid placed immediately above the catalyst. Our patented GSG Graduated Straightening Grid technology has been applied to areas in the power plant from the economizer to the air heater. Our GSG technology: - Improves velocity distribution and flow ...

STS - Model SMF 4 - Portable Fluorimeter for Organic Pollution Monitoring

by Safe Training Systems Ltd     Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

STS have produced the fully portable SMF4 Fluorimeter which allows instant quantification of Tryptophan, a surrogate for BOD, in water samples on site, allowing immediate decisions to be taken regarding water quality and control actions.This technique simplifies and quantifies investigations into cross connections in sewers and recycled water ...

ULTRA Urea to Ammonia Conversion Systems for SCR

by Fuel Tech, Inc.     Office in Hooksett, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Fuel Tech's ULTRA process is a patented approach that converts safe urea reagent to ammonia for use on new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems and in retrofit applications for existing systems. Our ULTRA technology offers a cost-effective solution for simplifying on-site ammonia generation for SCR applications of all types.Urea products ...


by E & I Corporation     Distributor in Seabrook, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

E & I CORP offers a size and type of Skimmer for every application, from the simplest, most cost effective Lever Operated Skimmer to the more complex all stainless steel Helical (ribbon) type Automatic Skimmer. The choice of skimmer for a given application must be well thought out, along with considering the clients budget.

FormaSet - Formaldehyde/Gluteraldehyde Spill Powder

by SorbTech Mfg, Inc. - a subsidiary of Environmental Science & Technologies (EST)     based in Plaistow, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

FormaSet is a proprietary granular designed as a quick response for safe vapor control and waste management of spilled aldehydes. Safe and effective, FormaSet effectively neutralizes and absorbs hazardous aldehyde spills such as Formaldehyde, Gluteraldehyde and Formalin by first suppressing vaporization aldehyde. The aldehyde is then converted ...

AP - Environmental Science Water Quality Assessment Curriculum Module

by LaMotte Co     Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

The AP Environmental Science WATER QUALITY ASSESSMENT MODULE includes an extensive curriculum that uses the exploration of the Water Quality Index to teach students STEM-based skills. Classroom and field activities satisfy Section VI (Water Pollution) of the AP Environmental Topics Outline. Includes 10 Nutrient—TTC/MacConkey BioPaddles

Self-Cleaning Trashrake

by Duperon Corporation     Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Self-Cleaning Trashrake For the toughest debris conditions, the Duperon Self-Cleaning Trashrake easily handles heavy vegetation, large refuse, logs and other harsh, rugged debris. The front-clean, rear-return technology is able to stand idle for long periods, yet still reliably start whenever a storm or rain event occurs. Independently operating ...

MolecuLoc Floating Absorbent Booms

by Moleculoc, LLC     based in Groveton, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

MolecuLoc Floating Absorbent Booms are engineered and manufactured in the U.S. from domestic materials to answer the need for an inexpensive and environmentally responsible alternative to competitive products which typically contain inferior products such as corn husks, cotton fibers and cellulose (paper and wood fiber) materials that must be ...

BioStryke ERDEnhanced - Electron Reductive Dechlorination

by BioStryke Remediation Products LLC     based in Andover, NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

BioStryke ERDENHANCED is a passive-aggressive solution to your chlorinated solvent remediation concerns. Our proprietary formulation of inorganic micro-accelerants and food based additives is proven effective at accelerating the biotransformation of target chlorinated contaminants faster, more cost-effectively, while reducing environmental impact.

THERMOX - Insitu Replacement Probes

by AMETEK     Distributor in NEW HAMPSHIRE (USA)

Removing an oxygen insitu probe from any combustion process is a time consuming and costly task. Periodic removal of insitu probes is required to protect zirconium oxide cells from chemical washdown operations while higher blends and increased use of high ash and lower sulfur PRB coals require more frequent removal of probes to clean plugged ...

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