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Environmental Management Equipment

  • Premium Base Oils

    Base oils are the building blocks used to manufacture lubricants, such as motor oils, for consumer and commercial uses. Chevron's ISODEWAXING catalyst revolutionized base oil quality. Virtually all of the world's premium base oils are produced using this isomerized dewaxing technology. Due to their purity and oxidation stability, Chevron premium ...

    By Chevron based in San Ramon, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Piccolo - Model STX - For Vehicle Tracking

    Vehicle Tracking Made Simple & Affordable by Innovation.

    By Wireless Links Inc. based in Lyndhurst, NEW JERSEY (USA).

  • MONITOR TECH - Model MT100 - Data Acquisition System

    MonitorTech delivers everything you need from our unique probe to our Data Acquisition System and reports.ALL EPA REQUIRED EMISSION GASES NOx (NO + NO2), CO, O2s wet/dry (moisture), SO2, Hcl, NH3, CO2,Opacity, Flow, CH4, H2S, H2, C6H14, C3H4, Cl, HCl, HCN etc.

    By Monitor Tech Corporation LLC based in Columbus, OHIO (USA).

  • Devron - Indoor Green Living Fence

    Spanish Canary is an evergreen perennial perfectly suited for indoor use.Its leaves are broad, 5 to 20cm, glossy, dark green in colour and a little leathery. Our indoor green living fences help create a healthy living and working environment all while adding that touch of green to your indoor space!

    By Devron Sales Ltd. based in Wainfleet, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Green Living Fence Product line

  • Approved Trader - Home CCTV for Security System

    With the police force in our country stretched to breaking point and crimes such as burglary and trespass on the increase is it time to beef up the security around your home or business? There are a wide range of options available to you to help you secure your property, one such option is CCTV or closed circuit television. CCTV is composed of a ...

    By Approved Trader based in Smethick, UNITED KINGDOM. from Security Systems and Alarms Product line

  • Roto Beach Super

    It is mounted on the rear part of the multi purpose vehicle, tractor etc. It is in such a way designed so as to perform simultaneously pre-cleaning, cleaning and final smoothing ('finishing') works, succeeding a great working performance and cleaning depth. This is achieved with the pre-cleaning attachment which consists of a pre-cleaning blade. ...

    By RAM EUROPE based in ORCHOMENOS, GREECE. from Beach Cleaning Machines Product line

  • Thermochemical Treatment System

    The thermochemical treatment unit consists of a modular system including a waste preparation operational area, primary waste convertor, emission control system and a product handling system. The waste preparation system conditions the waste for introduction into the primary waste converter. In the converter, the waste is subjected to conditions ...

    By ARI Technologies, Inc based in Essex, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • NexSens - Model MB-100 - Flood Warning System

    By combining non-contact water level measurement technology with reliable wireless communications and solar charging, NexSens flood warning systems are easy to install, operate, and maintain.

    By NexSens Technology, Inc based in Fairborn, OHIO (USA). from Systems Product line

  • Smoking Cabin

    The GEOVENT Smoking cabin is constructed  and intended for use at sea on ships and vessels, where vibrations requires a sturdy and rigid construction. The smoking cabin filters the air in three stages: First with an EU5 filter, then with an active carbonfilter and finally the GEOVENT Smoking cabin uses a HEPA/absolute ...

    By Geovent A/S based in Løgstrup, DENMARK. from Ship Extraction Product line

  • Bio-Gas Flares

    Bio-gas and Landfill flares are flare systems designed specifically to dispose of gases produced in a waste treatment system. The organic waste produces methane gas and carbon dioxide gas in about equal quantities.

    By I.T.A.S. S.p.A. based in Monza (MI), ITALY. from Petrochemical Product line

  • Envirtech - Model MK-III - Tsunami Data Buoy

    Envirtech MKIII Data Buoys are tall, thin buoys that float upright in the water and are characterized by a small water plane area and a large mass. Because they tend to be stable ocean platforms, spar buoys are popular for making oceanographic measurements. In Envirtech ocean data acquisition systems, spar buoys are used to collect data from the ...

    By Envirtech Subsea Systems S.r.l. based in Via Patrioti, ITALY. from Data Buoys Product line

  • Breeam - Model WAT 03 - Major Water Leak Detection Systems

    Our new i-Zone Touch control panel will allow users to meet the BREEAM WAT 03 criteria shown below.

    By J.A.M Limited based in Rayleigh, UNITED KINGDOM. from Breeam Product line

  • HyperSpike - Model 40 - Acoustic Hailing Device

    Long range, high power acoustic hailing device is perfect for communications, crowd control, animal and bird dispersal over extremely long distances. The loudest Acoustic Hailing Device in production, HyperSpike 40 is used for the transmission of clear, intelligible messages, commands and alter tones over extremely long distances. HyperSpike 40 ...

    By Nixalite of America Inc. based in East Moline, ILLINOIS (USA). from Acoustic Hailing & Bird Dispersal Systems Product line

  • Direct To Ethanol Technology

    DIRECT TO ETHANOL technology uses sunlight, algae, non-arable land and carbon dioxide to economically produce ethanol, a valuable commodity, and spent algae that can be converted into other biofuels. Our proprietary technology employs enhanced blue-green algae (or cyanobacteria) and Mother Nature’s photosynthesis to convert CO2 and seawater ...

    By Algenol Biofuels based in Fort Myers, FLORIDA (USA).

  • Absorbent Pads

    Meltblown Absorbent Pads for Oil, Gas, Diesel and other Hydrocarbons Single Weight (Bails of 200 pads), Medium or Heavy Weight (Bails of 100 pads). Quick, Effective Cleanup of Oil Spills on Land or Water Fast-Wicking, Absorbs Overspray and Spills — Helps Keep Floors Dry and Safe, Fast-Acting for Quick Response.

    By Blue Heron Solutions for Environmental Management based in Timmins, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Spill Clean-Up Supplies Product line

  • KENCO Engineering - Sight Flow Indicators and Sight Windows

    The KENCO Engineering Company offers a variety of Standard KSF (cast body), Full View and Armored Sight Flow Indicators, as well as, a complete line of Sight Windows. Sight Flow Indicators provide a window into piping. These products offer a cost effective and efficient way to visually monitor the flow of fluids, and to determine if any problems ...

    By Pump & Package Ltd. based in Irthlingborough, UNITED KINGDOM. from Kenco Engineering Product line

  • Multidrill - Model ML MAX - Smallest and Manoeuvrable Drilling Rig

    The FRASTE MULTIDRILL ML MAX is the smallest and manoeuvrable drilling rig supplied with the well known and tested Fraste drill pipes automatic loading system “Manipulator”. The drill pipes loading system is highly appreciated as it makes very easy each operation and saves the operator from heavy jobs, besides assuring high safety ...

    By Fraste S.p.A. based in Nogara, ITALY. from Water Well Drilling Product line

  • Golden Harvest - Model GH-40 & GH-44, GH-46 - Aluminum & Stainless Steel Slide Gates

    Golden Harvest Inc. Fabricated Slide Gates are the industry standard for price and performance. UHMW seating faces in guide grooves and neoprene face seals provide for low leakage solutions at modest head levels. The resilient P-bulb seal design provides for a low leakage closure.

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Side Gates Product line

  • Golden Harvest - Model GH 60 & GH-66 - Aluminum & Stainless Steel Weir Gates

    Golden Harvest Inc. Weir Gates are designed to control upstream water elevation and can provide a rough estimate of flow using notched gates via the downward- opening design. Weir gates function like slide gates, except that the disc opens downward allowing outflow to weir over the top of the gate.

    By Golden Harvest, Inc. based in Burlington, WASHINGTON (USA). from Weir Gates Product line

  • Airport Deicing Fluid Treatment System

    Dynatec provides a unique system that treats spent airport deicing fluid to provide reuse quality water and recover glycol.

    By Dynatec Systems Inc. based in Burlington, NEW JERSEY (USA). from Industrial Wastewater Systems Product line

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