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  • Changdian Semiconductor Packaging Co., Water Reuse Case Study

    Two LINX 600 systems installed in September 2018 treat 170 tons/day to enable waste water reuse and provide 77% TDS water reduction. 100 day operation found no drop in performance at 60 L/minute treating 550 ppm TDS feed solution. Selective reduction of key contaminants ammonia (94%) and phosphorus (97%).


Equipment & Solutions

  • TOC/ TN Trace Analysis

    TOC/ TN Trace Analysis

    Total protein analysis by catalytic high-temperature combustion and CLD detection. Septum-free direct injection method by microliter syringe for working without carry-over. High degree of automation for large sample sequences (using HPLC vials). Unattended 24/7 operation thanks to self-check system.

Upcoming Events

  • Ultrapure Micro 2020

    Ultrapure Micro 2020

    The Ultrapure Micro conference is the premier annual event that explores the latest trends in high purity environments and micro contamination around critical substrates in manufacturing and water management in fabrication plants. It serves as a platform for industry collaboration, research, knowledge exchange, and networking. UPM is driven by end-user needs and strives to facilitate productive ...