Site Assessments equipment for Environmental Management in Asia & Middle East

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    ION - Fire Investigation Kit

    The ION Science Fire Investigation Kit with Tiger or TigerLT photoionisation detector (PID) has been specifically designed to provide you with all the tools for a convenient, easy-to-use solution for the detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within Fire and Arson Investigation applications. Fire investigation teams are responsible for the ...

    By Ion Science Ltd. Office in Hyderabad, BANGLADESH. from Application Kits Product line

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    Everise - Model WINDVIEW 10 - Doppler Wind LiDAR

    WINDVIEW10 Doppler Wind Profile Lidar is a portable and flexible system to replace the traditional wind cup, which can be installed on a fixed platform, or a moving vehicle or a sailing boat. It can measure wind direction and wind velocity at 40-300m height above the lidar. Its function completely equal to a 300m high anemometer tower meanwhile it ...

    By Everise Technology Ltd. based in Beijing, CHINA. from Remote Sensing LiDAR Detection Product line

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    AMS - Geotechnical Sampling and Testing System

    Direct push can be a cost-effective, time saving, and a technically accurate means of drilling, sample collection, and testing. Split-Spoon and Shelby Tube samplers are popular options for geotechnical testing and sampling. This drilling method has been used for over 10 years and, according to the EPA in 2003, is accepted in all 50 states for ...

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    Light Transport Vehicle

    Applications: Estuary, coastal zone, and fresh water data surveys from small boats. Ecosystem health monitoring. Real-time three dimensional data gathering in support of modeling. Pollution monitoring and dye tracing studies. Ground truth for satellite remote sensing. Continuous plankton monitoring and sampling. Local area site assessment.

    By General Oceanics Inc. Distributor in Singapore, SINGAPORE. from Survey Vehicles Product line

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    Model TROMINO - Reactive Tromograph for Engineering

    TROMINO is an ideal solution in Civil Engineering for the operational modal analysis of structures, vibration monitoring and soil-structure interaction studies. Supporting engineers and architects in the design, monitoring, modelling and retrofitting of structures. TROMINO, originally conceived for the dynamic characterization of subsoils, has ...

    By MoHo s.r.l. Distributor in Chang Ping Dist., CHINA. from Tromino Product line

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    Model TROMINO - Reactive Tromograph for Geology

    TROMINO is an ideal solution in Engineering Geology for seismic site effect assessment, seismic microzonation, Vs30 estimates, passive seismic stratigraphy, bedrock mapping. Supporting geologists, geophysicists and geotechnical engineers in their daily activities. TROMINO was specifically conceived and designed for the dynamic characterization of ...

    By MoHo s.r.l. Distributor in Chang Ping Dist., CHINA. from Tromino Product line

  • taizy - Model tz - Fully automatic fryer

    Production principle of automatic frying machine: double mesh belts are used to transport food, and the upper and lower mesh belts can be frequency-converted. The user can adjust the transmission speed of the mesh belt according to the difference of the fried food. Equipped with a high-efficiency burner, the temperature is raised quickly and the ...

    By Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery based in CHINA.

  • Profiler - Model EMP-400 - Ground Penetrating Radar System

    The Profiler EMP-400 is GSSI’s powerful electromagnetic induction tool. This EM product was built from the ground up using a proprietary source cancellation and calibration system to create the greatest signal stability on the market and at an affordable price. Profiler’s system structure, electronics and coils are designed for maximum ...

    By Geophysical Survey Systems, Inc., (GSSI) Distributor in Makati City, PHILIPPINES.

  • WINDCUBE - Ground-Based Vertical Profiler LiDAR

    With more than 600 units operating worldwide, the Windcube is the reference remote sensor in the wind industry, providing accurate wind measurements up to 290 meters. Developers, power producers, consultants and manufacturers have selected it for their onshore and offshore projects – from energy yield assessment to power performance testing ...

    By Leosphere - a Vaisala company Distributor in ISRAEL.

  • Alpha MOS - Model SM110C - Ultra Portable Olfactometer

    SM110C is an in-field odour-measuring device that allows users to accurately quantify ambient odour strength. Easy to use, it improves the reliability of odour assessments in the field. This revolutionary device offers a cost-effective alternative to laboratory measurements, often costly and not always required. When lab results are not required, ...

    By Alpha MOS Environment Office in Shanghai, CHINA. from Odor Monitoring Product line

  • Weston - Constructed Wetlands Systems

    WESTON is an industry leader in developing design/build services for all water, wastewater and wetland mitigation needs. Constructed wetlands are a natural outgrowth of these capabilities. We understand the challenge of designing and permitting constructed wetlands for both mitigation and waste treatment.

    By Weston Solutions, Inc Office in Hyderabad, INDIA. from Onsite Remediation Technology Product line

  • ADC BioScientific - Model ACE - Automated Soil CO2 Exchange System

    Launched in 2006, the ACE system (Automated Soil CO2 Exchange System) is designed for long-term, unattended monitoring of soil gas exchange. The automated design means that during analysis cycles, the soil can be exposed to ambient conditions before the chamber closes to take measurements. This means the ACE will continue to collect data without ...

    By ADC BioScientific Ltd Distributor in INDONESIA. from Soil Carbon Flux Products Product line

  • Solinst - Model 401 - Waterloo Multilevel Groundwater Monitoring System

    The Waterloo System is used to obtain groundwater samples, hydraulic head measurements, and permeability measurements from up to 7 discretely isolated zones in a single borehole. They provide 3D data of contaminant flow and concentrations, cost savings through fewer drilled holes, and accurate data for site interpretation and assessment. Systems ...

    By Solinst Canada Ltd. Distributor in Haidian District, Beijing, CHINA. from Multilevel Systems & Remediation Devices Product line

  • RQ Box - Odor Monitoring Systems - Network of Electronic Noses

    When facing olfactory pollution, unpleasant odor monitoring is a prerequisite for efficient odor control strategy. RQ Box continuously monitors odor nuisances and pollutant gas emissions. Besides odor, RQ Box also quantifies multiple gases: ammonia, sulfurs (hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans) and VOCs. Emissions are quantified by electronic noses also ...

    By Alpha MOS Environment Office in Shanghai, CHINA. from Odor Monitoring Product line

  • Model DLWD-ETBE-G04 - Industrial Electricity Training Equipment

    DLWD-ETBE-G04 industrial electricity training equipment can carry out a variety of machine electrical control circuit assessment. The device displays all the electrical movements of the machine . In addition, it also provides a full range of real machine tool troubleshooting skills training, you can set the fault by the host computer, only through ...

  • Soil Monitoring

    Pollution from human activity including industry, urban development, agriculture and transport is increasingly recognised as contributing to soil pollution, leading to future limitation of use and safety concerns. Underlying geology often also plays a significant role, with heavy metals naturally occurring at levels higher than those permitted by ...

    By Modern Water - Monitoring Division Office in West Shanghai, CHINA.

  • WINDCUBE - Model 100S/200S/400S - 3D Wind Doppler LiDAR

    The WINDCUBE 3D LIDAR product range is a versatile instrument that can address various needs in the Wind Power, climate research, severe weather and meteorology. With a range from 100m to 3.5 km, 6 km or 10km, multiple scanning patterns choices, high resolution wind data and aerosol structure capability, the WINDCUBE 100S/200S/400S is the ultimate ...

    By Leosphere - a Vaisala company Distributor in ISRAEL.

  • Enoveo - Environmental Microbial Passive Samplers

    Sampling microbial communities in a representative manner in environments not easily accessible or subject to strong fluctuations.

    By Enoveo Office in Bhubaneswar, INDIA.

  • Palintest - Model 7100 - Portable Photometer Multiparameter

    The 7100 Photometer from Palintest is ideal for drinking water testing, wastewater/ effluent and environmental analysis. The simple to use and robust design makes it suitable for on-site analysis. The data is clearly reported on the backlit LCD screen, which can be manually operated or automatically switched off to save power. The adaptive cell ...

    By Palintest Ltd - a Halma Company Office in Beijing, CHINA. from Palintest Product line

  • Solinst - Model 403 - CMT System ( Continuous Multichannel Tubing)

    CMT Multilevel System consists of 7 discrete zones. Zones are packed off using bentonite to eliminate vertical contamination between sand packed sampling ports. Depth discrete data obtained from CMT increases risk assessment accuracy, improves decision making, optimizes performance of site remediation, and provides vertical hydraulic head data for ...

    By Solinst Canada Ltd. Distributor in Haidian District, Beijing, CHINA. from Multilevel Systems & Remediation Devices Product line

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