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Sustainable Water Resources in the Built Environment

by IWA Publishing

Sustainable Water Resources in the Built Environment covers elements of water engineering and policy making in the sustainable construction of buildings with a focus on case studies from Panama and Kenya.  It provides comprehensive information based on case studies, experimental data, interviews, and in-depth research. The book focuses on the ...;

KfW Water Symposium 2009 - Financing Sanitation

by IWA Publishing

You can download the ebook free of charge. The central objective of the International Year of Sanitation was to put the global community on track to achieve the Millennium Development Goals MDG sanitation target.However, one year later, it is still difficult to keep sanitation high on the agenda, while practical action is required to encourage ...;

Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development

by Earthprint Ltd

 Tourism and Sustainable Economic Development highlights the opportunities and risks of nature-based tourism for economic development and explores selected strategies for sustainability.   The prospect of tourism growth is a potential source of major challenges and considerable threats on a number of levels. The concept of sustainable tourism ...;

Ecosystems and Sustainable Development VI

by WIT Press (Wessex Institute of Technology)

Combining sciences and thoughts is essential for the sustainability of ecosystems as well as for understanding human life. Ecology, economics, chemistry, physics, climatology, informatics are pieces to be put together in order to compose the transdisciplinary picture of our complex world.This Volume contains the proceedings of the Sixth ...;

Sustainable Development and the Limitation of Growth

by Springer

2007 marked the 20th anniversary of the G.H.Brundtland Commission report that broke new ground by addressing the issue of sustainable development as a means of avoiding an ecological catastrophe. This led to a multitude of political declarations, documents and scientific articles while Agenda 21 – adopted in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro – has been ...;

Globalisation and Sustainable Development

by Springer

This book accumulates the knowledge from different sciences to parametrize the global ecodynamic process. The basic global problems of the Nature-Society-System (NSS) dynamics have been considered and the key problems of ensuring its sustainable development have been discussed. An analysis has been made of the present trend in changing ecological ...;

Development with Sustainable Use of Electricity

by Springer

The rather young field of research into electricity savings is attracting increasing attention since low electricity consumption is a vital component of environmentally sustainable development. The potential benefits from using less electricity, without sacrificing quality of life, are immense, as the book shows with case studies from Eastern ...;

Mathematical Modelling for Sustainable Development

by Springer

This book aims at providing both a basic introduction and advanced technical details of some of the available mathematical and computing methods, thus closing the exisiting gap in this field, as well as illustrating their use through case studies and examples. The methods presented here are targetted at sustainable development and the case studies ...;

Regional Opportunities for Sustainable Development

by Springer

By their adoption of Agenda 21, most of the world's governments have acknowledged the need for sustainable development. This implies that new policies are needed, focusing on economic, social, cultural and ecological goals. At the same time, we also need to solve existing environmental and social problems, and prevent the occurrence of new ...;

Sustainable Use and Development of Watersheds

by Springer

This book is a result of the NATO-SPS (NFA) Workshop held in Istanbul, Turkey, in October 2007. The main goal of the Workshop was to provide knowledge and build the skills of scientists, engineers, and decision- and policy-makers for the effective management of watersheds and prevention of or coping with catastrophic events. The aim of this effort ...;

Modelling Sustainable Development

by Earthprint Ltd

This insightful book explores the issue of sustainable development in its more operative and applied sense. Although a great deal of research has addressed potential interpretations and definitions of sustainable development, much of this work is too abstract to offer policy-makers and researchers the feasible and effective guidelines they ...;

Sustainable Development Handbook

by CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group

Currently gaining momentum on the world stage, sustainable development is beginning to significantly redefine the policies and decision making of both corporations and governmental entities. Sustainability development initiatives can vary widely in scope, application, and success. This book is intended clarifies critical issues, delineates proven ...;

Energy law and sustainable development

by Earthprint Ltd

Energy has recently emerged at the forefront of sustainable development. The United Nations Development Programme’s World Energy Assessment (2000) linked energy and most of the ills of modern society in both developed and developing countries. The World Summit on Sustainable Development selected energy as one of its five major agenda issues, ...;

Handbook of Sustainable Development

by Earthprint Ltd

This timely and important Handbook takes stock of progress made in our understanding of what sustainable development actually is and how it can be achieved. Twenty years on from the publication of the seminal Brundtland Report, it has become clear that formidable challenges confront policy makers who have publicly stated their commitment to the ...;

Sustainable Retail Development

by Springer

Sustainable Retail Development, addresses the emerging issue of green retail buildings and retail development that will grow significantly in importance over the next half-decade, a trend seen throughout the developed world. This volume is a practical and comprehensive guide to greening retail real estate, including green building and marketing ...;

Sustainable Development of Multifunctional Landscapes

by Springer

New demands on landscapes and natural resources call for multifunctional approaches to land development. Tools are required to identify the effects of land management on landscape sustainability and to support the decision-making process on the multipurpose utilisation of landscape resources. Scientists from across Europe installed the 'Landscape ...;

The World Summit on Sustainable Development

by Springer

This book provides an overview of the most important issues as they are dealt with in the Johannesburg 'World Summit on Sustainable Development’s Plan of Implementation'. It addresses the science behind the discussions on poverty, production and consumption patterns, water, energy, Small Island Developing States, sustainability issues in ...;

The Economics of Sustainable Development

by Springer

This book provides a look at the current status and future potential of sustainable development in India. Macroeconomic developments, regional disparity and poverty situation, the trend in natural resource depletion and environmental degradation, trajectory of economic development, and conventional wealth are discussed. A history of environmental ...;

Sustainable Development and Environmental Management

by Springer

This book presents the new EU approach to environmental management and its attempt to place it in the perspective of sustainable development. China and other large and fast growing economies are putting increasing pressures on global environment, but they are also looking at the European experience with great interest. To critically present this ...;

Natural Disasters and Sustainable Development

by Springer

Natural disasters are a clear example of people living in conflict with the environment. Disasters cause human, social and environmental losses and, sometimes, even threaten geopolitical stability, as in many less developed countries. They are also a problem of global concern, even when damage is local: the mechanisms are often dependent on ...;

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