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1-day HPLC & LC-MS Sample Preparation, Calibration Standards, Sample Properties & Data Analysis

A whole range of sample preparation techniques which can be applied are covered in detail, including the theory, optimisation and applications. The techniques include filtration; enrichment & dilution; standards prepared in matrix; Solid-Phase Extraction (SPE); Liquid-Liquid Extraction (LLE); QuECHERS and protein precipitation methods. This is followed by information on calibration standards (internal and external standards) and the incorporation of quality control samples for quantitation methods. The final part of this 1-day course looks at data analysis and the reasons for performing the analysis, including measures to ensure repeatability and reproducibility. This will cover qualitative analysis, identification, quantitation and semi-quantitation.

Event Type:
Workshops/Training Courses
Nov. 18, 2020
The Open University
Milton Keynes , UK

Course summary

  • Number of days: 1
  • Experience level: Intermediate
  • Type: Generic, applicable to all instrumentation
  • Teaching method: Face-to-face classroom, with instrument parts & consumables to handle
  • Course venue: The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK | See individual dates for other venues
  • Onsite/offsite availability: Arrange this course just for you
  • Scheduled course price: £280 + VAT per delegate

If you are only interested in finding out more about Sample preparation, calibration standards, sample properties (analyte chemical structure) & data analysis for liquid chromatography and LC-MS, then please attend this one day course.

Learning outcomes

  • You will learn about sample preparation, the preparation of calibration standards and sample properties.
  • You will learn how to undertake data analysis for quantification and qualitative analysis.

Who is this course for?

If you have limited LC experience, wish to learn about these particular areas or would like to brush-up on your knowledge then this is the course for you.

To gain the full knowledge of liquid chromatography and LC-MS it is highly recommended to attend the full 5-day course.